When It Matters

People judge one another every day, all of the time, about everything; everything including their energy source choices. I believe the basis of judgment that should be used when regarding issues around the topic of renewable versus traditional (fossil fuel) resources is a stance of what is best. What is best for us? For our children? For our planet? It makes little to no sense to me why most Americans for example still chose the unknowledgeable traditional ways. If something is broken, it is my understanding that that something should be fixed. Our choice for energy sources which affects global warming is a choice that needs to have a more educated background. The moral questions, I think, should be simple to answer since in our modern day and age we know better, so now we can do better for our future.

What other kinds of things are you judged on? Sadly it’s too much, all the time, about seemingly everything! When it comes to your life and your choices, do make them good ones… especially for your doctor, your dentist http://www.waukeshasmilesdentistry.com/ your vision care and other things like that.

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