Master Self-Discipline with 7 Powerful Exercises: Daily Blueprint to Cure Procrastination, Laziness, and Develop Atomic Habits to Achieve Goals for Entrepreneurs, Weight Loss, and Success in 10 Days

Self-Discipline Secrets

You think your lack of willpower is why you always fail. You think it’s why you can’t lose weight, succeed as an entrepreneur, and procrastinate and waste your day. You think if only you had willpower like other people, life would be different. Everything would change.

But You Are Wrong.

Will isn’t something you have or don’t. It’s not genetic or gifted to you. It has to be developed. Strengthened like a muscle, built like an athlete from amateur to pro. It’s not about having the “right stuff.” This is about training.


  • Rediscover what it means to have self-discipline and the secrets to build it.
  • Train yourself to go from practically non-existent willpower to the will of a Navy SEAL.
  • Build habits of enduring the hard parts until success becomes the only response.
  • Amass an inner sense of fortitude that kicks down walls that try to limit you.
  • Finally remember how it feels to achieve your desires in everything you do.

Mental Toughness and True Grit

Navy SEALs, Olympic athletes, the top one percent How did they get where they are? What’s the common thread that ties them all together? More importantly, what do they have that you don’t?

The one percent weren’t born that way. They didn’t inherit their worth. If you look into their past, you’ll find every single one of them was just like you.

Problems, Weaknesses, Poverty, Prejudice.

Normal human beings with normal human flaws. But if they weren’t born great, and they didn’t inherit it. How did they do it? Don’t kid yourself, there is a secret. A secret anyone can learn with patience and guidance, though most will never have a taste. I’m talking about self-discipline, mental toughness, true grit. I’m talking about a mindset you have to craft out of sweat, tears, and hard work.

  • How to take your mind from fragile to hardened steel so you can utilize the mind to its full potential.
  • The secret to gain Navy SEAL levels of self-discipline in your life to become relentless.
  • A quick fix for emotional weakness that will create an unbeatable mind.
  • The proven SEVEN rules for success and the one simple trick to long-term perseverance.
  • The transformational technique used by athletes and elites to train their body and mind even when they have no gas left in the tank.

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