Making Aromatherapy Creams and Lotions: 101 Natural Formulas to Revitalize & Nourish Your Skin

Nourish and revitalize your skin with your own handcrafted creams and lotions. Donna Maria shares her simple five-step method for creating fragrant all-natural body rubs, facial creams, lip balms, moisturizers, and more. Explore how aromatic oils can effectively preserve and protect your skin, and learn how to craft products that target your skin’s specific needs. You’ll be amazed at how your products, which are both inexpensive and free of harsh chemicals, can help promote healthy and vibrant skin. 

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  1. Anonymous

    Lots of information for beginners I learned a lot reading this book. I now understand where oils come from, how they are processed, which ones are preferred, and what they are used for. The author also includes many great recipes for skin care products. The topics of proper storage and sterilization of the implements used are also covered. If you wanted to go into the business of making skin care products this book is an excellent primer. If you just want to make a few things and experiment, you will quickly realize that…

  2. Anonymous

    Great info, very pleasant read! I’ve been making products for several years now and always love reading different books about making products. Donna Maria is someone I look up to in this industry and I’ve been fortunate to learn a great deal from her and this book is a wonderful extension of all the amazing resources she offers to handmade entrepreneurs. I read through this book in just a few hours, took several inspirational quotes and new tips from it, and highly recommend it. It’s chock full of accurate information and is…

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