Lactase Persistence

Lactase Persistence by David Christopher, M.H.

1418598756_SmileA minority of people in the world are Lactase Persistent (producing lactase after weaning). The majority of people in the world are lactose intolerant. Most all babies produce lactase, the enzyme that breaks down the disaccharide lactose, the sugar in milk. After weaning, the body stops producing lactase.

The anomaly of lactase persistence is close to o% in Native Americans, 5% of Asians, 25% of African and Caribbean peoples, 50% of Mediterranean peoples and a whopping 90% of Northern Europeans. This genetic mutation occurred over 7,000 years ago in the Balkans, among dairy farmers. This gene variant spread faster than non-dairy groups. So, in world-wide, realistic terms, lactose intolerance is not a medical problem but is the biological norm. This subset of humans, are the only creatures on the face of earth that continue to drink milk into adulthood.

Factions of this subset relentlessly attempt to convince the entire populous that milk consumption is necessary for good health. Not only is it not necessary for good health but many studies are revealing a dark side to dairy consumption. In particular, dairy consumption is linked to higher Diabetes incidences in over 100 studies, as reported in JAMA, American Pediatrics and Lancet.

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These studies consist of mainly Lactase Persistent participants. Many health concerns are contained in numerous other studies. One further note on Lactose is that once lactase splits off the galactose, babies easily utilize it for myelin sheath development but adults have a tough time breaking it down.

For a quick overview of health problems caused by milk consumption I would suggest you read, “Milk A-Z” by Robert Cohen available from Christopher

David Christopher is a Master Herbalist and the director of The School of Natural Healing. He also co-hosts the popular radio show “A Healthier You” and is a popular international teacher and lecturer.

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