Ketogenic Diet Journal: Keto Diet Tracker For Faster Results And Success 90-Days Log Book (Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss Journal Planner Diary Log Book Series) (Volume 3)

Track your ketogenic diet weight loss program with success for 90 days. ! With this specially designed record book / diary for keto fans, you will reach your goal easier. Research has shown that when you keep a diet journal or a diary while trying to lose weight, you will be more successful in reaching your goal and stick to the diet. If you are serious about going keto and see yourself transformed by the ketogenic diet, then this is a must for you. Get the results you want by recording the food you eat and track the amount of carbs, proten and fats consumed each day. This book also keeps tracks of your electrolyte intake and supplement intake. It also has a comment area for each day to record anything such as your experience of keto flu symptoms – headache, leg cramps etc. “Ketogenic Diet Journal” is A4 (8.27″ X 11.69”) size, so it is large enough to record your daily keto meals with ample recording spaces. Get started on your ketogenic diet today and start recording your keto journey today. Available in 3 wood texture colors – black and brown and cyan Full Details: – 1 x Before Keto Photo insert page and 1 x After Keto Photo insert page – 90 pages of daily keto diet meals recording sheet ( 1 day per page to be used for a 90-days period). – Each daily keto meal log sheet keep tracks of – carbs, protein, fats, calories, water ,electrolyte and supplement intake and exercise – pages of weight record sheet to record for a 6-months period – 9 pages of blank note pages to record your keto experience – 2 pages to record your health indicators and status such as blood pressure, glucose level, ketones level, and your data from your cholesterol report

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