Jatoba Liquid Extract 1 Oz

A giant canopy tree growing to 90 feet, Jatoba is native to the Amazon rainforest and parts of tropical Central America. It produces bright green leaves in matched pairs, white, fragrant flowers that are pollinated by bats, and an oblong, brown, pod-like fruit with large seeds inside. In the Peruvian Amazon the tree is called Azucar Huayo and, in Brazil, Jatoba. Jatoba has a long history of indigenous use. The resin has been used to create incense, as a glaze for pottery, in the production of varnishes as well as medicinally. The bark has been used by many tribes to treat everything from diarrhea, heavy menstrual flow, internal parasites, stomach issues, coughs and nail fungus! The first recorded medicinal use was in Brazil in 1930 by Dr. J. Monteiro Silva. He recommended using the bark for diarrhea, dysentery, general fatigue, intestinal gas, dyspepsia, hematuria, bladder problems, and hemoptysis. Clinical studies show that Jatoba contains antifungal, antimicrobial and anti-yeast properties. We prepare our Jatoba Extract from the dried bark of the Jatoba tree sourced directly from Brazil or Peru.

Product Features

  • Sustainable Harvested
  • Kosher
  • Gluten Free

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  1. Boobalooba

    “Might” help Candida leaky gut? I wouldn’t write off this product as a possible helpful adjunct for those fighting difficult cases of Candida dysbiosis (aka yeast in the gut) (aka leaky gut syndrome). I’m on month #7 of a comprehensive attempt to accomplish that task. This has included serious carbohydrate restriction along with alternating and progressively increasing doses of a large number of natural “complimentary medicine” therapies (based on a general protocol outline, as well as tolerance of die-off…

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