Jarrow Formulas MK-7 Bone and Cardiovascular Health 180 mcg, 60 Softgels

Jarrow Formulas MK-7 is naturally made via fermentation by Bacillus subtilis subsp. natto and is 10X better absorbed than K1 from spinach. MK-7 is a longer-acting form of vitamin K vs. K1 and MK-4, and clinically proven to better support carboxylation of specific proteins needed to build bones and help protect arteries from calcium deposition.

Product Features

  • Critical to Blood Clotting & Coagulation
  • Longer Half-Life Than K1 (Days vs. Hours)
  • Higher Activity Than K1 (6X in vitro)
  • 10X Better Absorbed Than K1 from Spinach

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  1. Anonymous

    Removed Calcium Plaque From My Heart Arteries When I almost died from a ruptured lesson in my central heart artery, the LAD, my doctor told me that My LAD was 85% blocked by Calcium Plaque, not Cholesterol. He pressed the Leson Gunk into the Calcium lining my Artery. He said there was no way to remove the Calcium other than a very costly procedure using a tiny diamond drill. The procedure was expensive and dangerous. But my smart son had read 2 studies published on the NIH pub website. One from Poland and one from Germany that said taking…

  2. Anonymous

    Everyone should take Vit K2-MK7 … Everyone !!! Jarrow’s MK-7 is one of the best. Delivered on time, fresh and at a great price, $12 for 60 gels or $.20 each.I believe it works very well. I’m a 65+ yo white male, 170 lbs. and in good health most of my life.I began having health problems back in 2015 after my PCP prescribed statin drugs (Atorvastatin 40mg/day) to lower my cholesterol (only 252). I was on statins for 6 months and the pain and trouble keep getting worse with shoulder, hand, back and even chest pains. My arms and…

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