Jarrow Formulas Gamma E, Supports Cardiovascular Health, 300 mg, 120 Softgels

Gamma E 300 contains gamma tocopherol, one of the eight members of the vitamin E family found concentrated in plant seeds and vegetable oils. Typical vitamin E supplements only offer d-alpha tocopherol, which has been shown to deplete serum gamma tocopherol and alpha tocotrienol.Gamma tocopherol is especially protective against reactive nitrogen species, free radicals that damage lipids, proteins and DNA. Each softgel of Gamma E 300 contains more gamma tocopherol than a kilogram of pecans, pistachios, or walnuts.

Product Features

  • Inhibits Nitric Oxide Radicals

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  1. JP Russell

    Excellent and affordable Gamma E formula From what I have read, this is an excellent Gamma E product at a reasonable price. I think it is a best buy in this type of vitamin product. I have been taking it daily for years now. The research shows Gamma E to be the most important type of vitamin E. In addition scientific research on vitamin E, suggests that alpha tocopherol, the kind of Vitamin E featured in most vitamin E supplements is not responsible for the most important benefits of taking Vitamin E. Furthermore when Alpha E is taken…

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