Image Skin care Trial Ageless Trial Kit

Skin care

Trial kit available now! Look!

1/4 oz in each sample

Product Features

  • Total Facial Cleanser
  • Total Anti-Aging Serum
  • Total Resurfacing Masque
  • Total Repair Creme
  • Daily Defense Universal Moisturizer SPF 30

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1.0mm Micro Needle Roller Skin Care Therapy Dermatology System

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  1. Deborah W. May "technodiabla"

    Tried 3 Image Trial Kits I tried the Ageless, Vita-C, and Ormedic kits– each for 1 week to see which products I wanted to buy in full size. Ageless: my favorite is he masque– nice and exfoliating. The face wash is OK- hard to get a lather. The serum and cream make my skin feel good, but they don’t smell great. Overall, I did notice a difference after a week. Ormedic: my least favorite products. They all seemed too gentle and my skin didn’t feel clean or tight after using. Maybe this is intended for people with sensitive skin. The tinted SPF is came with is ridiculously dark. Why is this is a trial pack? Vita-C: my favorite pack– all the items smell wonderful. My skin doesn’t feel tight but has a nice youthful glow.All the products arrived quickly and were in good shape (each from a different vendor. Approx 2 weeks use at least per pack.So for my 40 yr old, still oily and acne-prone, but tired and aging skin, I will probably go with the Vita-C products and use the Ageless masque 2x/week to exfoliate.

  2. Anonymous

    Some of the products burn my face but the cleanser and serum are good. I really need a nighttime eye product to repair wrinkles and bags.

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