Iceland Health Joint Relief Formula, 60 Count

Features OmegaMOVE™ an exclusive, synergistic blend of glucosamine, collagen, chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid that provide the buildingblocks needed to help support healthy cartilage and connective tissue. Joint Relief Formula is one of our best selling softgel’s because of the mobility we are able to bring back to peoples lives. Joint Relief Formula is combined with our premium Omega-3 Fish Oil to help support your joints and cartilage for long-term joint health. Clinical studies show Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for healthy joints. And now with Joint Relief Formula you can get the joint support you need in one revolutionary product. Joint Relief Formula is designed to support your range of motion and joint elasticity, lubricate your joints and support connective tissue functions.

Product Features

  • Doctor formulation offers structural, lubrication, and strength for all of your 360 joints
  • Features our exclusive blend OmegaMOVE? targeting the connective tissues that connect our joints*
  • A best-selling product because of the mobility we bring back to our customers lives
  • Each serving also includes 1000mg of Iceland Health’s pharmaceutical grade Omega-3
  • No other Joint Relief supplement offers this level of clinically studied ingredients.

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  1. CFL

    Almost Pain Free – First Time In Years! I’ve never bothered writing a review before, but after using this product I just had to. Maybe there is someone out there like myself. Arthritis in your hands, knees, & hips. Sit for too long …. hard to get up and going. Prop your feet up for a while ….. painful to get the knees bent down again. Hard to sleep at night ….. have to keep turning frequently due to the hip pain. Work in the yard ….. stiff as a board afterwards. That’s been me for about 15+ yrs, & getting progressively…

  2. Karen Joan "Siren"

    I REALLY Love This Stuff! Update #31. I really do love this stuff. I feel better than I have in 15 years. I am not pain free…but I DO have significantly less pain. A miracle, actually. You just have to take it regularly.2. They’ve changed the packaging yet AGAIN, but label to label comparison show that it is the exact same great product.3. This is a new supplier for me, and their price is even better than the last place.4. Great service and fast shipping. What more…

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