How to Look Expensive: A Beauty Editor’s Secrets to Getting Gorgeous without Breaking the Bank

Glamour‘s “Beauty Sleuth” reveals tricks of the trade to help you look fabulously high-end—in any economy.

Andrea Pomerantz Lustig has spent twenty years as a beauty editor, and her contact list is packed with the names of the most exclusive stylists in the business.In How to Look Expensive, she combines her own experience with highly coveted secrets she’s learned from the experts to help readers achieve buttery highlights, luminous skin, flawless makeup, and more, all on a budget. Delivering red-carpet looks without putting readers in the red, tips include:

• How to get expensive-looking hair color at an inexpensive salon

• Superluxe DIY skincare cocktails for less than $20

• The cheap cosmetic secrets of expensive makeup artists

• Tips for princess-perfect skin on a pauper’s budget

• “Work Your Beauty Budget” sections that help you make the most of every dollar

With How to Look Expensive, every woman can afford to get gold-card gorgeous, and reap the self-confidence that comes with it.

Product Features

  • Used Book in Good Condition

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  1. moobear

    A Must-Have for Those Looking to Upgrade Their Look! I love this book!For the most part, I know the basics of how to look presentable each day. But did I know how to look expensive, classy, or remotely sophisticated? No – I didn’t! If I ever did, it was a beautiful accident.Then I found this book! It’s a walk-through covering all the details: skin, makeup, hair, nails, fashion. Everything!I love how the author also breaks certain parts down by style choice (like Classic vs Bohemian vs Hollywood looks. There are a lot…

  2. Amazon Customer

    Invaluable I was hesitant to spend the money on this book, assuming it was the same old drivel I’ve read over and over. I’m not even FINISHED with this book and yet I’m imploring you to buy this. I’m only on like chapter 3 and I’m already saving money. Example: my 20 year old Mason Pearson hairbrush seriously needs to be replaced but they’re so expensive. Guess what? I don’t NEED a new Mason Pearson hairbrush! She makes plenty of much more affordable suggestions. She DIAGRAMS HAIRCUTS to take to your…

  3. robin moore

    An Insider’s Guide to Looking Great: Secrets No More! Andrea Pomerantz Lustig’s book is a must for anyone who wants to know the tried and true secrets of top stylists and their clients. Imagine havingBlake Lively’s hair colorist on speed dial. What about skin care tips from Sienna Miller’s fave dermatologist? If you’ve often marveled, as I have, at just how good some stars always seem to look, this book is for you. Andrea pours over the differences in looking “rich” versus the classy, always in style “expensive” look of someone such as Kate…

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