Hell Bent

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  1. Anonymous

    Episodes 1-3: Capaldi Finds The Doctor, The Writers Find Capaldi Let’s be honest: every time there is a new Doctor, the premier season is usually a little more rough. The new actor takes some time to find his voice, and we the audience have to get over our grief at losing the old Doctor whom we have usually learned to like (how much I loved Matt Smith by the end was inversely proportional to how much I hated him replacing Tennant at the beginning). Capaldi was an even harder transition, since he’s the first “grumpy old man” version of The Doctor in…

  2. Anonymous

    Doctor Who season 9 – best ever The stories were so much bigger this season . I loved the many 2 parters.Episode 11, Heaven Sent, alone was one of the best Doctor Who has ever produced.The Zygon Invasion 2 parter was one of the more unique stories of the Doctor Who reboot. Perfect in every way. Jenna Coleman was very believable and perfect paying Clara and Bonnie.The season starts with the first 2 parter; The Magician’s Apprentice and The Witch’s Familiar and with the Doctor, Davros and…

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