Healthforce Intestinal Movement Formula, Vegancaps, 120-Count

A sluggish bowel breeds toxicity that seriously and adversely affect the health of the entire body. Regular bowel movements and a clean colon are foundational to better health. This superior formulation (highly effective, yet gentle) was designed to produce maximum colon cleansing and proper movement with minimal or no discomfort. The supportive herbal components in this formula also support digestion, the immune system, blood sugar, balance and reduction of harmful microbes. This bottle contains 120 Vegan Caps.

Product Features

  • Naturally assists the colon instead of stimulating, eliminating unpleasant cramping.
  • Gently removes built up toxic waste.
  • Dietary supplement.

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  1. Mona Lisa "M.W."

    Better than anything I’ve tried! One of the many wonderful products made by Healthforce, this product is simply the best product I have tried for cleaning out the gut. It works and it works very well.I’m going to continue to use this on a daily basis.I recently went on a 7 day cruise and forgot to bring this product along. Knowing that I always get sluggish when travelling, I was relieved that my friend had brought along some Metamucil which she offered to share with me.The Metamucil did not work…

  2. cryptix

    Intestinal Movement?! You’ve Got That Right!! The phrase ‘intestinal movement’ is damned accurate for this supplement. It does an incredible job of allowing you to have very productive bowel movements that are well formed, without giving you a sense of urgency like other laxatives I’ve tried. You can go when you are ready to go, and it will be quick & painless. Somehow it makes your waste more ‘slippery’ so there is much less problems with something like hemorrhoids. Those are no fun.If you ever have constipation issues, this…

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