Health Direct – Sculpt n’ Cleanse Colon Cleansing Formula 450 mg. – 100 Capsules

Sculpt n’ Cleanse is a very effective, yet gentle and safe colon cleansing formula. It is “the ‘First Step’ to a better bodyTM” and should be used in conjunction with any weight management, body shaping, antiaging, general or digestive health program. Cleansing helps to eliminate toxins, chemicals, pollutants and poisons from the bodies Sculpt n’ Cleanse helps eliminate this intestinal build-up by gently breaking down the mucoidal plaque over a three to five month cleansing cycle. Then, once a year, an additional bottle should be taken as part of a maintenance program. Sculpt n’ Cleanse can also be used during the holidays, on vacations or whenever occasional irregularity occurs.

Product Features

  • Gently and safely eliminates toxic build-up
  • Self-regulating formula – you only take as much as your body actually needs
  • Does not inhibit normal day to day activities
  • Fits to any diet program or weight management system
  • Tested for purity and bioavailability

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  1. Renita Miller

    “a great product” my name is Ms miller and i have used this product for about 2 years now. i also have referred this product to some co-workers. i showed them a picture of what i looked before i tryed this product and they were truley amazed. several of my friends are also using it right now. they have other colon cleansers out their on the market but they do not compare to health direct colon cleanser formula.. as a matter of fact i had first bought this product from a health store but went back to get more…

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