Glow: The Dermatologist’s Guide to a Whole Foods Younger Skin Diet

Fine lines and wrinkles. Dark spots. Loss of elasticity. Is there anything you can do to fight these common signs of skin aging? Absolutely. In this groundbreaking book, dermatologist and professor Dr. Rajani Katta reviews the latest research and shows you how to use this cutting-edge information to promote youthful, healthy skin. Your skin has amazing powers of repair and renewal. And the right foods can supercharge those powers: the right foods can activate DNA repair systems, quench free radicals, and protect against collagen damage. The right foods can combat the major forces that threaten your skin: oxidation, inflammation, and glycation. This book combines a straightforward, easy to understand breakdown of the science with practical, action-oriented advice. With over 35 recipes, you’ll learn how to translate the latest research into action to achieve youthful, glowing skin.

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  1. Anonymous

    Fantastic accessible book on how to eat healthy! As I turned every page, I kept making mental notes of whom I wanted to recommend this book for–friends, co-workers and family! It is written in such an accessible way that it leaves the reader with no excuses not to eat healthily! Dr. Katta provides interesting information, backed up by scientific articles, but explains it in such a way that one nods their head as they read along. That makes sense! Now, I understand why this particular food group is healthy for me, and why it is best paired…

  2. Anonymous

    “Glow” is an informative and excellent book with detailed and simple steps to eating healthy foods to achieve youthful skin and avoiding foods that can accelerate aging skin. Dr. Katta shows how all types of foods affect our body in very organized sections. Chapter 5 is an awesome reference which I learned that eating cantaloupe and kiwi lower the likelihood of wrinkled skin and dryness. She also researched how certain foods can help block DNA damage, protect against UV-induced skin damage,…

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