Garlic Pepper With Red Bell & Black Pepper Coarse Grind Blend

McCormick California Style Garlic Pepper blended with red bell pepper and black pepper seasoning is a kitchen staple. The larger size makes home cooking and meal prep a breeze. It’s also perfect for kitchen professionals. Whether you’re manning the grill and hosting a barbecue or preparing a quiet family dinner, this coarse grind black garlic seasoning is extremely versatile and will give your meals an extra kick.

Use as burger or steak seasoning and sprinkle garlic pepper on side dishes like salads, vegetables, and baked potatoes for added flavor. McCormick’s garlic seasoning blend is sourced for superior quality with fresh flavor guaranteed (contains no added MSG).

Product Features

  • Coarse ground garlic pepper is flavorful mix of salt, brown sugar, onion, red bell and black pepper seasoning
  • Use as a rub or steak and burger seasoning; try it on chicken and seafood before you broil or grill
  • Versatile seasoning kicks up the flavor of salads, vegetables, pasta and rice
  • Larger 22 oz size makes seasoning perfect for frequent home cooking, grilling or professional kitchens
  • No MSG seasoning; garlic pepper is certified Kosher pareve by the Orthodox Union

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  1. Chris L.

    Looking For Great Garlic Pepper To Accent Your Food – Look No Further! I had been using Tone’s Garlic Pepper for years as it is a great way to add flavor without being overwhelming. I was able to get this from my local CostCo easily and it was great and at a great price. When CostCo stopped carrying the Tone’s brand I researched alternatives and discovered that it was being sold under then Durkee brand so I started buying that though it was a bit more expensive. Recently the Durkee Garlic Pepper became quite expensive and harder to locate so I was living…

  2. Amazon Customer

    my mom used to have teeny bottles of this when I was younger and it’s great on everything from meat to vegetables to souls This is the most delicious seasoning OF ALL TIME. my mom used to have teeny bottles of this when I was younger and it’s great on everything from meat to vegetables to souls. It has a sturdy garlic pepper blend but the addition of bell pepper and parsley rounds out the flavour. A smidge of brown sugar helps balance and promote carameliztion. Fiancee was blown away the first time we put it on burgers!This can be difficult to locate in stores country wide but bless amazon for selling the…

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