From Fat to Finish Line

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  1. Anonymous

    Definitely worth the “Weight”…. see what I did there? I remember last November (2015) when I attended my first half marathon all the way across the US in Las Vegas. It was the Rock N Roll marathon, half marathon, 10K & 5K. I remember stopping by the “From Fat to Finish Line” booth to chat with the folks about the upcoming movie. I left the expo with a water bottle and film preview post card that I still have hanging on my wall. I remember searching for the movie and the only result I would receive is the info for following on Facebook and…

  2. Anonymous

    This helped me celebrate my “second” first mile!!! 10 STARS! OMG – AMAZING. I lost 125 lbs. seven years ago and discovered running. I REMEMBER that first mile, that first race, that feeling of power and lightness. This movie is as close to “bottling” that feeling as it comes!!It was especially important today; at 51, after 18 months of injury (followed by illness and a 40 lb. weight gain), I ran my “second” first mile. What a way to celebrate… them, me, and every single person who longs to be able to “remember that first mile”. My third…

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