Foodist: Using Real Food and Real Science to Lose Weight Without Dieting

In Foodist, Darya Pino Rose, a neuroscientist, food writer, and the creator of, delivers a savvy, practical guide to ending the diet cycle and discovering lasting weight-loss through the love of food and the fundamentals of science. 

A foodist simply has a different way of looking at food, and makes decisions with a clear understanding of how to optimize health and happiness. Foodist is a new approach to healthy eating that focuses on what you like to eat, rather than what you should or shouldn’t eat, while teaching you how to make good decisions, backed up by an understanding of what it means to live a healthy lifestyle.

Foodist: Using Real Food and Real Science to Lose Weight Without Dieting is filled with tips on food shopping, food prep, cooking, and how to pick the right restaurants and make smart menu choices.

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  1. Shayne Sweeney "Shayne"

    Change the way you think Foodist provides wonderful examples of how being healthy starts with changing the way you think, not what you eat. Too many books focus on what it is you’re eating, while Foodist’s approach to healthy eating starts with changing the way you think about health and happiness.I’ve kept over 125lbs off for over 5 years now and time and again I’m reminded that it’s never been a quick diet, a strict set of foods or a miracle device that’s gotten me here. 5 years ago I started thinking…

  2. Atila

    Too much opinion and almost no science As a scientist, I bough this book hoping that she would use science to explain her opinions, as the book is sold as written by a neuroscientist. I only got to read up to page 190, when she starts to recommend a “detox” recalibration avoiding sugar, wheat, dairy and alcohol products with no references at all. The very few drops of science she provides could be found on Michael Pollan books, and this is an area full of research that she should be able to read and talk about. The book is…

  3. R. Todd Hurst, MD

    Kiss the Fad Diets Goodbye! If you want to get healthier, look and feel younger or lose weight, Foodist is the blueprint you need.I’m a cardiologist. Over the years, I’ve seen countless patients that wanted to eat better, be more active or lose some weight.And I’ve seen most of them not succeed.Some had success with the latest diet craze …..for a while. But a year later, almost all of them regain those hard lost pounds. They end up discouraged and feeling like failures, but…

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