Everyday Natural Skin Care

This booklet contains information from a U.S. board-certified dermatologist to assist you with daily skin care and looking your best. It should dispel myths and incorrect beliefs about skin care and help you fix problem skin. It has 12 brief chapters covering a wide range of skin care topics. It is a compliment to skincreamguide.com and its A-Z database of popular skin cream ingredients.

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  1. Anonymous

    After struggling with acne for years, I saw Dr. Karen Stolman. I’ve seen multiple dermatologists over the past 5 years and nothing helped my acne. Dr. Stolman thoroughly examined my skin, scalp, chest and back. Immediately, she diagnosed my form of acne as yeast acne. Not one of my other doctors or dermatologists had ever mentioned or caught this. After using antibiotics, creams, expensive skincare, everything-my acne was solved almost immediately after treating it for yeast. She was…

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