Essential Oil Recipes: The Ultimate Guide to Natural Aromatherapy Recipes for Weight Loss, Skincare and Beauty, Anti Aging, Physical Healing and Emotional Wellbeing!


Are you looking for natural remedies for healing, weight loss, anti aging, skin care and beauty?

If so, Essential Oil Recipes: The Ultimate Guide to Natural Aromatherapy Recipes for Weight Loss, Skincare and Beauty, Anti Aging, Physical Healing and Emotional Wellbeing! by Joseph Childs is THE book for you!

Whilst it is common knowledge that there are many ways Essential Oils can benefit everyday life, many people do not know how effective Essential Oil combinations can be. This book will be your comprehensive guide, showing you exactly how to combine, mix and blend the oils to help solve a huge variety of problems. Our natural remedies are an alternative or addition to prescription drugs with none of the nasty side effects!

Why choose this book?

This book includes our tried and tested recipes to target different areas, teaching you THE BEST oil combinations to help promote weight loss, improve skins appearance, anti age, aid with physical healing and mental and emotional wellbeing! It also includes full details of our most common oils, their health benefits as well as all of the information on how to create, store and use your oils.

What is inside?

  • Introduction to Essential Oils
  • Benefits of Essential Oils
  • Commonly Used Oils
  • Recipes for Weight Loss
  • Recipes for Skincare and Beauty
  • Recipes for Anti Aging
  • Recipes for Physical Healing
  • Recipes for Emotional Wellbeing
  • And much, much more!

What are you waiting for?

Expand your knowledge now by purchasing this book!

See you inside!

Read The Reviews and Buy Now from Amazon!

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  1. Anonymous

    Disappointing I hate to diss authors, but this book is terrible.Super basic, very short book, About 40 essential oil recipes (total book is 59 pages) that are not well written or defined (i.e. store recipe in glass container… about telling me what size container (2 oz. 4 oz. 8 oz. etc) Also talks about using syringes for measuring…..99% of other books I’ve read use droppers.Not edited well (i.e. store is a cool, dull place… mean cool, dark place?). When you read…

  2. Anonymous

    Great essential oil recipes many ways to make ourselves relax and healthy! Very knowledgeable and science based book!! Wonderful knowledge my only issue is I wish it was a bit more organized or had a section dedicated to diffusers and it’s simply states put what you want into diffusers which being new to the game is a bit confusing and daunting as oils are expensive and I would just love to know an actual acceptable ratio of oils to add as as to avoid waste and excess. Otherwise I highly recommend this I learned a lot and I have read the previous edition and decided…

  3. Anonymous

    Although the book is mainly focused on providing recipes for essential oils the author has provided a comprehensive guide to get a proper understanding of essential oils. Which is including the introduction of essential oils, different natural ingredients and how they effects our daily life and helps us to have a healthy life. Although some of the recipes are old but the author has made some interesting changes to them which i found very effective to get a decent result. I really appreciate the…

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