EFT for Weight Loss

Weight loss is one of the most frustrating problems imaginable. People trying to lose weight usually fail, and most wind up weighing more than before. Not with EFT! Several studies show that by using the method in this book, called “Clinical EFT” because it’s the only version of EFT validated in dozens of clinical trials, you can lose weight, and keep it off permanently. One study found that people lost an average of 11 lb. in the year after a Clinical EFT weight loss program. In this book you’ll hear from dozens of people who lost weight successfully with EFT. Their deeply moving stories tell how many other parts of their lives improved too, from skin tone to marriage, from self-confidence to financial abundance. That’s because EFT, also called Tapping, eliminates stress. Author Dawson Church has conducted many scientific studies of EFT. These show that Clinical EFT reduces cortisol, your main stress hormone, while lowering anxiety, depression, and pain, leading to long-term weight loss. Clinical EFT has been used successfully by thousands of people to lose those unwanted pounds without expensive drugs or risky surgery, and is your proven solution to keeping weight off permanently. When you experience the simple, powerful, science-based solutions in these pages, you’ll understand why tens of thousands of people like you have made EFT for Weight Loss the best-selling book on the subject ever published.

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  1. Anonymous

    sweet lollies that remind the person of their sweet father … The link between emotions and food is analysed and articulated by Dawson Church in his book ‘EFT for Weight Loss’; a compendium of information, case studies, reports and letters from the perspective of both client and practitioner. The compilation of stories explore the underlying issues that are often associated with food, including cravings and addictions, eating disorders and emotional overeating.Whether you are highly skilled in using Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), or a first…

  2. Anonymous

    Review of”EFT for Weight Loss” – by Peg Crawford, LMHC – Mental health professional and EFT practitioner EFT for Weight loss is another in this wonderful series which illustrates how to use tapping for significant life issues.My interest in this book was both personal and professional, as I have a long-time challenge with weight – losing, regaining for many years. Learning how to lose my own weight puts me in a good position to be an experienced coach for others.The role of EFT in the weight loss process appears to be both dealing with cravings and addictions as well as core issues…

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