Dry Skin Care Solutions: 21 Completely Natural Remedies for Achieving Healthy and Radiant Skin (Completely Natural Skin Care Series) (Volume 1)

21 Completely Natural Solutions to Help You Say Goodbye to Dry!

Are You Looking for Simple and Effective Solutions To Help You Take Care of Dry Skin? Anyone who has dry and sensitive skin issues knows that finding suitable products that won’t irritate, or trying to create a good skin care routine can be frustrating.

Dry Skin Care Solutions” is a easy guide packed with information, ideas, tips and recipes for using completely natural remedies. We break down each solution and show you exactly how they can give dry skin the TLC it so desperately needs.

You’ll learn:

  • Which fruit and vegetable oils are excellent for irritated, sun damaged and dry sensitive skin types;
  • Which ‘wrinkle banishing‘ cosmetic butters are ideal ingredients for making your own rich natural moisturizers;
  • Which ‘sun protecting‘ wonder oil is great for dry skin and can help fight premature aging;
  • Two low priced natural products you can find on any supermarket shelf, which are excellent for nourishing dry skin;
  • 5 natural ingredients that are scientifically proven to be effective for dry and sensitive skin types;
  • Which outstanding exotic butters and oils are some of the best moisturizers for mature dry skin;
  • A simple and inexpensive, yet effective natural remedy that helps calm dry itchy skin;
  • Which unassuming everyday product is ‘liquid gold‘ when it comes to taking care of sensitive and dry skin;
  • Why getting this one element right is key for your daily dry skin care routine;

So if you want to discover how the power of nature can rejuvenate your skin …
Get your copy of “Dry Skin Care Solutions” today.

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  1. Anonymous

    Helped Me So Much! I have always had really good skin but lately it looks like it has seen better days. Maybe it’s too much work, too much stress or just more intense workouts lately. Whatever it is, I needed help. I was so excited to find this book because I am not a fan of the skin care products you normally find in the stores for two reasons. First, they are full of chemicals, and second, they are sometimes very expensive! The natural methods in this book work very well and cost very little. It is full of…

  2. Anonymous

    Excellent This book is a collection of natural remedies, which the author claims are superior to commercial formulae. I agree; having tried out several of the book’s suggestions, my skin has become a lot less dry and itchy, whereas commercial skin care products have never had much effect.The author explains how skin can benefit from application of various natural oils, and describes their properties in detail with extensive citations. The most useful aspect of the book, however, is its many…

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