DrFormulas Prostate Supplements for Men Health Support | Best Supplement Complex with Saw Palmetto Extract, Beta Sitosterol, Pumpkin Seed Oil Now, 1 Month Vegetarian Capsules

Prostate health can become an increasing concern as you grow older. Aging can result in some enlarged prostate problems. When the prostate becomes enlarged, it can cause urinary problems like frequent urination and less than optimal flow. Start taking care of your prostate today with DrFormulas™ Super Prostate Support Supplement. Its unique proprietary formula consists of all-natural ingredients like saw palmetto, Pygeum africanum, pumpkin seed oil, beta-sitosterol, and lycopene to support a healthy prostate.

  • 35 Essential prostate health supporting nutrients: DrFormulas Super Prostate Support contains saw palmetto, beta-sitosterol, lycopene, quercetin and combination of vitamins E and B-6, zinc, copper, and selenium.
  • Hormone support: saw palmetto, beta-sitosterol, and Pygeum africanum support male hormone balance.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: Like all DrFormulas™ supplements, DrFormulas™ Super Prostate Health Supplement is made in the U.S. in an approved and inspected FDA facility. It contains no binders, chemical preservatives, or artificial colors. It is made with non-GMO ingredients. Results are guaranteed or your money back.

DrFormulas™ Super Prostate Support Supplement is a must for men who care about their prostate health. Not only does it contain some of the best-researched ingredients, it combines them in such a way as to provide the maximum health benefits. Try DrFormulas™ Super Prostate Support Supplement today!

Product Features

  • SUPPORTS HEALTHY URINARY FLOW – Poor urinary flow is not unusual as men age. Take four small vegetarian pills per day to support prostrate health and urinary flow.
  • Combines PUMPKIN SEED OIL, SAW PALMETTO EXTRACT with BETA SITOSTEROL to support prostate and urinary health in men
  • SUPER VEGETARIAN PILLS with SUPER ANTI-OXIDANTS like lycopene, green tea and red raspberry juice that may help promote a healthier inflammation response
  • BLOCK DHT – Contains saw palmetto to block hair-loss causing DHT. Also contains essential prostate nutrients like zinc, selenium, copper, vitamin E and vitamin B-6
  • Made in the USA in a FDA inspected GMP facility and under the NSF guidelines for quality assurance. Your safety is our priority

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  1. Anonymous

    Prostanew my insurance program for keeping the prostate in the best health possible. Prostanew was highly recommended to me by a friend for keeping the prostate in good health. The quality of this supplement is excellent according to my research. Each year that my primary care doctor checked my prostate, he told me that it was enlarged. In view of that information, I began taking Prostanew. Apparently, Prostanew does not shrink the prostate. Rather, it keeps it from getting any larger. The last check on my prostate a few months ago revealed that my prostate was…

  2. Anonymous

    PSA 6.1 before 3.3 after My PSA went from 4.1 to 6.1 4 months ago. My urologist said that it might be a false reading and we should check again in 3-4 months. I was speaking to a client and he said that he was taking a product called Prostate A new or something like that but it went through a name change and was Dr. Formulas Prostate Supplement. So I ordered the product. I take 3 capsules each day. I just had my PSA checked and it dropped to 3.3. Maybe the previous reading was due to inflammation. I don’t know or…

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