Dr. Susan’s Kids-Only Weight Loss Guide: The Parent’s Action Plan for Success

Dr. Susan’s Kids-Only Weight Loss Guide

Parents and guardians of overweight children will find specific tools in this practical guidebook to immediately help their child achieve greater self-esteem and become healthier as they lose weight.

Readers will be able to determine if their child is overweight, introduce healthy foods with no complaints, get kids to exercise without a fight, teaching kids to still make healthy choices when eating out, and  talk to children about making healthy changes without putting them at risk for developing an eating disorder. Drawing on advice from a varied panel of medical, health, and exercise professionals, this comprehensive handbook offers balanced suggestions that go beyond the nutritional aspects of the problem and assist in tackling the emotional issues such as the specific family patterns that can cause a child to become overweight, media and fashion pressures, and peer and social concerns. Packed with hundreds of anecdotes from parents and kids, this guide offers sensible suggestions that can be implemented by any parent who wishes to see their child’s health, esteem, and social life improve dramatically.


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