Dr. Faustus

Dr. Faustus By Christopher Marlowe

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  1. John P. Jones III

    The classic bargain… …with the devil.Thanks to a fellow Amazon reviewer, I was privileged to see the operatic version of this classic tale under the summer night skies of Santa Fe. I knew the essence of the story prior to viewing the opera, but had never actually read one of the versions. The tale is based on Germanic folklore, and is set in that country, even though Christopher Marlowe is English. His was the first formal written version of the tale. Subsequent versions would be produced by Goethe and…

  2. John H.

    Good, cheap copy of a classic. Dr. Faustus is a great story of hubris, temptation, and regret. It has also been told in so many forms over the centuries that it has had a lasting artistic impact on Western culture, especially in literature and drama. That said, it is a story that everyone who loves books and theater should read.You could find much thicker copies of this work with extensive interpretation, long forewords, and various other analytical and historical additions. Those may benefit you a great deal…

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