Dr. Christopher’s Formula Lactation Formula, 100 Count (Pack of 2)

Dr. Christopher’s Formula Lactation Formula, 100 Count (Pack of 2)

Product Features

  • 2 Pack
  • Synergistic blend of herbs for nursing mother’s
  • Contains 11 herbs to help nursing mothers overcome obstacles associated with breast feeding
  • Nourishes mother and child
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.

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  1. Anonymous

    Love these! I’ll continue to take these as long as I continue to nurse, which will be as long as my daughter wants to nurse! I love these, plus at it bonus there a lot cheaper than everything else out there considering the they work. I purchased these a couple of times now and I think they work. Last time I purchase sees I also got goats rue and something else I think shavanti or something like that spelling. The time after that I purchased with “Amazing Formulas – Brewer’s Yeast” I found those two to be in excellent combination. I like that these are fairly inexpensive and the second one I mentioned with the…

  2. Anonymous

    This stuff is great, and so much easier to take in those … My son is 6 months old and will usually sleep from 8-6, so needless to say, I am very full when I wake up in the mornings. I get up at 430 to pump before I go to the gym. Before I started using this product I would pump between 8-10 oz during my morning pump. But then my menstrual cycle returned and I was barely able to pump four ounces, so I ordered this product. My flow naturally retuned once my menstrual cycle left, but I decided to continue to use this product anyways. Now, during my…

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