Doctor’s Best Comprehensive Prostate Formula,Veggie Caps, 240-Count

Comprehensive Prostate Formula contains potent levels of synergistic herbs, nutrients and phytochemicals that have been scientifically researched to support the health and wellness of the prostate gland. This formula incorporates premier herbal extracts of Saw palmetto, African Pygeum bark and Nettle root, CardioAid plant sterols, and SelenoExcell, a superior form of the mineral selenium, nutrients that have shown documented benefits for prostate health. Comprehensive Prostate Formula also contains effective amounts of vitamins D3 and B6, zinc, and lycopene, which research suggests play important roles in supporting optimal prostate function and general health and well-being.

Product Features

  • With Seleno Excell – High Selenium Supplement
  • Helps Promote Optimal Prostate Health and Wellness
  • Gluten Free / Soy Free
  • Comprehensive Support for Prostate Health

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  1. Anonymous

    Seems to work for relatively mild night-time urination problem I saw one of those half-hour paid advertisements on TV for a brand of prostate supplement (created by a Harvard doctor) that claimed amazing results. It caught my attention only because I was seriously thinking about my sleep issues, and one factor affecting my sleep was my relatively recent habit of waking up during the night to urinate. This started about a year ago, I think. (I’m 61.) I had never thought about a solution prior to seeing that commercial, and I never really thought about the…

  2. Anonymous

    Some measure of relief OK, I have been using this product for quite awhile now and although I don’t feel like a new man like I was back in my 20s, it does give a measure of relief. The urine stream is more pronounced and if I’m careful about limiting night time liquids, I don’t have to go to bathroom as much – maybe only once during the night if I’m lucky. You’ll notice the full four tablet daily serving gives 640 mg of Saw Palmetto vs the usual 320 mg. I “think” the doubling amount of Saw Palmetto may be…

  3. Anonymous

    Surprisingly increased my flow after my first 2 pills! I was quite hesitant before I dropped $20 but I’m quite impressed. I’m 28 years old and have been experiencing weak flow when urinating. I’m not sure what is going on with me because the both urologists I’ve been to say I’m too young for prostate cancer or BPH and wouldn’t even check. I finally convinced the doctor to give me Flomax. It took a month before I noticed any results. There were also some uncomfortable side effects.I popped 2 of these the day they arrived and…

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