Doctor Faith

Those who remember the keyboard-based soft-rock of Sailing and Ride Like the Wind will be surprised to learn that Cross writes on guitar. It’s guitar that drives this surprising new record, an energized outpouring of personal reflection and societal comment: Hey Kid; Rescue; Everything; Dreamers; Prayin’ , and more!

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  1. E. Sturms

    Return to Form, Return to Himself While I enjoyed Mr. Cross’s first two albums while in college, I really did forget about him. I then purchased this album in 2014, and I am very surprised how often I end up putting in on the stereo. As another review mentioned, there isn’t a ‘lesser’ song on this album. How can you possibly describe music to another person, other than to say that this album flows so well, and I enjoy his lyrics, that have a decidedly mature bent to them. This definitely suits me, as I am only a few years…

  2. M. Mariba

    “Christopher Cross Turns A New Leaf”. The latest from CC is amazing and thought-provoking. Although you can tell he has lost some prcey arrangements in recent years and you can’t help but appreciate how he has suffered for his integritized art, he still manages to shine here. He is contemplative without navel-gazing and hopeful without resorting to cliches or axioms that either date him or cause sighs of overuse or of being too-youthful. The last cut is more a benediction then a song but he has always sailed with peace in his…

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