DIY Projects: 28 Easy, Money-Saving and Healthy Homemade Recipes for a Beautiful Skin, Hair and Body (Homemade Beauty Products, homemade beauty care, homemade beauty products for beginners)

Why waste your money on products which ingredient names you can’t even pronounce correctly when you can make exceptional beauty products in comfort of your own home? Our Homemade Beauty Products Guide to making your own face and body scrubs and masks delivers what it promises as we are providing you with recipes and simple and short tutorials on how to make your own skin products, enabling you to take care of your skin by helping you regain your glow naturally. Besides from providing you with needed info on every mask and scrub recipe, we are offering solutions for acne, pimple and blackhead problems, dry skin, dry elbows, foot odor, moisturizing, soothing, redness, sensitive skin, aging spots and wrinkles and more. You will find 33 exceptional and easy-to-make and use recipes for body and face, categorized by 6 chapters, going from making beauty products 101 to making anti-age treatments and masks.

In our Homemade Beauty Products Guide you will find:

  • Starting with making beauty products at home – Simple and Easy
  • Recipes for all natural anti-age serums and masks
  • Face and Body Scrubs
  • Bath Time with homemade body scrubs
  • Recipes for all natural acne, pimple and blackheads masks and scrubs
  • 33 all natural recipes for homemade beauty products with simple and easy-to-follow tutorials and ingredient lists

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Read this book and see “BONUS: Your FREE Gift” chapter after the introduction or after the conclusion.

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  1. Anonymous

    This is the first sentence (also paragraph) of this book: “With desire and will to keep our beauty beyond our twenties and through our thirties and forties, prolonging our good looks even after stepped in our fifties, we turn to dozens and dozens of different beautyproducts, of which the most is utterly expensive, but not always healthy for us when put on the long term tracks.”If you can tolerate that, then by all means get the book. However, given that…

  2. Anonymous

    There were some clever and inexpensive ideas presented here but simplistic instructions with little detail prompted me to give this DIY projects book three stars. For one thing, the measurements in the recipes are not very consistent as sometimes they are listed in cups or tea spoons and other times in grams. Sticking to one type of measurement or the other would provide more clarity to the process. While the ingredients listed are mostly commonly available essential oils, Shea butter and…

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