Detox Cleanse ★ New ★ Digestive Health New Formula Cleanses Bowels of Toxins Decreasing Bloating and Constipation – Heavy Metals Detox Including Chemicals and Pesticides – 60 Capsules – Gluten Free

A comprehensive formula to cleanse the bowels of toxins, transport waste and decompose toxins from the body. Decreases bloating, reduces constipation. Provides heavy metal detox including mercury, chemicals and pesticides. Promotes satiety/curbs appetite.

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  1. Clarissa

    Mild Digestive Detox Cleanse I bought this detox cleanse by MaxX Labs because it advertised a detox of heavy metal including mercury, chemicals and pesticides. This is not a claim that I have seen on many digestive health cleanse products. I have been taking this product for several days and would say that the product is a lot more gentle than other cleansing detox products I have tried in the past. I have had no stomach aches or cramping. I have noticed a slight decrease in appetite, which I appreciate. I would recommend…

  2. D. Van W "Random Person"

    I Tried to Keep It Clean I received this product at a discount in return for my honest review.The first day it arrived I took half a dose just to be safe. I tend to be on the sensitive side when it comes to digestive aid products. I didn’t experience any of my usual negative effects, just a general ease in the flow of matter.The second day I took the full dose and again experienced no adverse effects. I have also increased my water intake – it is summer – and that usually helps offset any bloating…

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