Dentist Porcelain Teeth

Sometimes it is a lack of dental care from your dentist, but most often it’s genetics. Teeth turn brown, fall out, and leave some wondering what just happened. Decades ago, the only option when this happened was to have all teeth pulled, or what was left of them, and then get dentures. These are better than they were before, but the alternative of porcelain teeth is much better, and is something that those who can afford them seek out instead of the dreaded dentures.

One neat thing about teeth made out of porcelain is that you can choose your own color. You don’t have to worry so much about your teeth changing colors due to smoking, what you drink, or even age. They should remain the same. Just careful when choosing the color of your porcelain teeth. Though many movie and TV stars have stark white teeth, they don’t look good on the average person. You don’t want bright white by any means, so go with something that looks a bit more natural. Ask your dentist to recommend something if you aren’t sure what to choose.

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