The Dentist IS Your Friend

Oh the dentist. Don’t we all need to go see the dentist at some times in our lives. If you have teeth, you will need to see the dentist, if you have gums; if you have a mouth you should be seeing a dentist. They do so much more than check your teeth. They will check and examine your entire mouth for gum disease, cancer of your tongue, and other such oral hygiene related issues. Take it up with your dentist if you are having any oral pain or other problems. Believe it or not, the dentist if your friend. He or she is on your team and they are rooting for you. They want you to have great oral hygiene, so that your quality of life is improved and that you are able to live a longer and happier life. Did you know that those with good oral hygiene have been found to live at least two years longer than those who do not? Yes, it is true! Go to and see what dental care options are right for you.

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