Delay, Don’t Deny: Living an Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle

Tired of counting calories, eliminating foods from your diet, or obsessing about food all day? If so, an intermittent fasting lifestyle might be for you! In this book, you will learn the science behind intermittent fasting, and also understand how to adjust the various intermittent fasting plans to work for your unique lifestyle. The best part about intermittent fasting is that it doesn’t require you to give up your favorite foods! You’ll learn how to change WHEN to eat, so you don’t have to change WHAT you eat. Are you ready to take control of your health, and finally step off of the diet roller coaster? All you have to do is learn how to “Delay, Don’t Deny!”

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  1. Anonymous

    First: Obesity Code is a must read I ordered this book after reading raving reviews of a plan that allows you to eat whatever you want, provided you do so in OMAD (one meal a day). Since I’d been following a low carb diet over a year, often adhering to OMAD (but not eating anything I wanted) and combining my efforts with IF (intermittent fasting), I had to wonder if I was missing something since this book says you can eat whatever you want during that one meal. Well, okay, after a year or more of NO sugar and few carbs, this…

  2. Anonymous

    I’m so happy to see her finally sharing that same wisdom with … I’ve known Gin, the author for a couple of years now, having met her in the intermittent fasting groups on Facebook. I’ve been intermittently fasting for over two years now, having dropped 220 lbs in the first 17 months, and maintaining 190 of it over the past year. Gin is so well read on this topic, and I’ve always looked to her for troubleshooting ideas and encouragement when I’ve had troubles. Her wisdom has been absolutely invaluable. I wouldn’t have made it through some of my harder times…

  3. Anonymous

    This is not another diet. IMHO, this is the CURE for your weight problems. I have spent 40 years trying desperately to lose weight, only to continuously regain it.First I found The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung, as Gin Stephens did. I devoured it and felt like the truth about weight loss hit me like lightening…It made perfect sense why so many couldn’t lose weight and when people do, they usually regain it!Then I found DDD by Gin and she tied it even tighter together, in layman’s terms and it all became EASY. I have lost 60 pounds in 6 months and almost…

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