What You Must Know About Cholesterol Test Results

I have reached an age in my life where I go to the doctor once a year to get blood work done to make sure my cholesterol is at a normal level. While I don’t mind going and getting this done, as I want to do everything I can do to ensure that I live a long, satisfying life, I don’t like waiting for cholesterol test results. A whole slew of scenarios runs through my mind whenever I am waiting and whenever I find out that everything is all right.

When I first went to get a blood test, I was quite nervous. I had no idea whether or not I would have high cholesterol, and the not knowing is the worst part. I started running all of these scenarios through my mind about what the cholesterol test results would be, and what I would do once I found out. I envisioned getting on cholesterol medication and then going to a health food store to get garlic pills and so forth. I figured I would get a gym membership and start to improve my health immediately.

The cholesterol test results came back and it was at 156, which my doctor informed me was within the normal range and nothing to worry about. I was so relieved when I finally found out the results that I went to my wife and told her I was committing myself to a healthier lifestyle, so that I never have to worry about getting a negative result. For a couple of years, there were no issues at all, but I went in one time and found out that my blood pressure was pretty high, and was worried that might mean bad news for my cholesterol as well.

I had my blood drawn and began the arduous, nearly week-long process of waiting for my cholesterol test results. Fortunately, when the results came in it appeared that the new lifestyle that I had adopted had helped me and my cholesterol level was normal. However, after experiencing what I had with my blood pressure, the wait was especially difficult this time around. My doctor informed me that this was a necessary evil, however, and that he would make me aware of the results as soon as he had them himself. It was little consolation.

It can be brutal to wait for cholesterol test results, especially when you’re concerned that it might be high. I have been very fortunate in that I have yet to go for a blood test and have it reveal that my cholesterol level was high. I am going to do everything within my power to keep it that way.

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