Change Your Mind, Change Your Body: How to Have Permanent Weight-Loss Success for a More Confident and Happier You!

Two-thirds of Americans are either overweight or obese, and it is harder than ever to keep weight off. If you struggle with your weight, you are not alone.

* Do you have patterns of undisciplined eating because the food tastes so good?* When you are stressed, do you resort to food for comfort and relief?* Have you lost weight, but sadly gained it back and then some?

While the market is full of books on dieting and weight loss, Change Your Mind, Change Your Body helps you navigate your weight loss efforts to create a new healthy lifestyle. This book identifies the basic patterns and belief systems that hold you back from living a more energized and happier life. It gives you insights to manage your relationship with food in a more productive way.

Although this book doesn’t have any food recipes, it is full of “psychological” recipes. If you’re tired of repeating the same bad eating patterns that wreak havoc on your emotions and you’re ready for a change, this book is the practical guide for you!

In Change Your Mind, Change Your Body, you will:

* Address excuses and take responsibility to change your lifestyle choices.* Learn about your pain points that cause you to be mired in comfort eating* Change your mindset about losing weight and keeping it off.* Learn to deal with triggers and sabotaging behaviors by yourself and others.* Create new habits, including dealing with stress, getting enough sleep, and exercising.

Follow the instructions in this book, and you will see benefits in no time that will last a lifetime!

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  1. Anonymous

    Comprehensive, step-by-step guide to permanent weight loss! I throughly enjoyed reading this book! The author is an expert in human behavior and negative beliefs, as a licensed marriage and family therapist, so she approaches the subject of losing weight from her unique perspective.I really love that she addresses our thoughts, mindset, and negative beliefs when it comes to our weight because they are a big part of this subject. Sometimes we eat sugar even though we know it’s not healthy, but we can’t stop. It’s really important to identify…

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