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Relaxation Music is Good For The Brain

I know… you’ve heard it a million times. Reduce stress.

Reducing stress would be good for just about any person, but it is not always an easy thing to do.

Recently a new phenomenon has swept college campuses and is all the rage.

What is it?

Lofi hip hop music.

Yeah – that doesn’t sound brand new exactly…

But listen up. Students have found that when they are studying that it helps them relax and absorb more material by listening to a form of lofi hip hop music in the background.

It’s been dubbed lofi hip hop because the music is often loaded with samples from old time classics or the music has lofi elements like vinyl crackling and pops and tape hiss etc.

People find it soothing.

And the music has taken off largely because almost anyone with a bedroom recording setup can create these lofi songs.

The popularity has grown and now lofi hip hop is one of the most searched for terms on youtube. It’s got a massive following.

One such lofi hip channel on Youtube is Chilled Lofi.

They have a blog where musicians and beatmakers can submit their original lofi music.

The videos feature amazing artwork ranging from pixel art to amazing vj style visuals such as with this brand new video from Chilled Lofi called She’s My Angel

Other popular channels on Youtube include Chilledcow, Inyourchill and College Music. They all serve up the same kind of dreamy lofi music.

While some people find the music too simple, many have come to listen non stop on lofi radio.

It’s really very interesting and yes – listening to lofi hip hop can help reduce stress and help you chill out and relax. It’s perfect for exercising and doing yoga and pilates. It may even help reduce depression.

And that’s a good thing, right?

Here is a recent video from the Chilled Lofi Channel on Youtube.

The video is gorgeous and the music is dreamy!

Enjoy the chillout music! and don’t forget to RELAX!