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Frequency Foods Glacial Blue Tooth Oil

Have you ever tried using a cold-pressed and organic oil combination for your dental needs? Well, if your choice is Glacial Blue, you’ve found a natural toothpaste replacement with the benefits of almond, peppermint and spearmint oils to make your teeth and gums refreshing and stunningly clean.

After two weeks you’ll never want to go back to regular and often toxic fluoride toothpastes.

By simply following the rules of basic nutrition you can do more for your body than any pill or chemical product and you don’t have to worry about starving yourself either because fruits and vegetables (especially organic ones) have lots of organic water inside that allow for cleansing the cells of the body in a way that chlorinated water could never do.

Organic Fertilizing

When you first start down the path of eco-friendly gardening, deciding on the right organic gardening supplies for the best effect can be somewhat overwhelming. The first thing to do then would be to do a little research. An inexpensive garden soil test kit is the first purchase you need to make. You’ll find one at any gardening supplies store. The instructions that come with the kit will be easy enough to follow even for a first-time user. Each kind of natural fertilizer changes the soil’s acidity or alkalinity in its own way. Once you have determined how acidic your soil is (or your soil’s pH value, to use the term), you’ll know exactly what kind of organic gardening supplies used to fertilize the soil.

Some of the most popular and useful kinds of organic garden fertilizer include seaweed powder, fish emulsion and bone meal, soybean powder and rock phosphate. If your soil test kit reads out that the pH of your soil is too low, using calcium carbonate or ground limestone is a great way to go about righting the balance again. You can use ground limestone right after autumn, and expect that it will have been absorbed into soil by the time spring comes around.

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Magnesium is a multi purpose mineral miracle

Magnesium A Multi Purpose Mineral Miracle

You might start using magnesium for one thing, let’s say high blood pressure. But then once you start magnesium, especially a pico meter therapeutic form like ReMag, you’ll find out it’s good for lots of things! And, as you continue to use magnesium on a daily basis you’ll notice a steady improvement in your health, vitality and well-being. Continue reading

Nutrition Program: What Should You Know Today?

Hail the talk show host who revealed his nutrition program for children of the poor and gave Americans a cause for pride

Recently, a portly Republican radio talk show host offered his fail-safe solution to a crisis taking shape in the United States, a solution to the gradual starvation of the children of the nation’s poor. Begrudging these children the government funded nutrition program that provides a free lunch at school to children of the poor, this voice of conservatism offered the brilliant idea of letting these children sort through garbage instead to find their meal!

In the summer months when children do not have access to a school lunch nutrition program, when their low income-earning parents cannot adequately feed them, they only need go to the nation’s garbage containers to glean their meals. There’s even a web site or two that will tell the needy parent how to meet their children’s nutrition requirements from the discarded food an average dumpster contains. Mmm, you can almost hear this talker exclaim. Yum!

‘Let them eat garbage’ is his heartfelt counsel to the millions of parents who must put their children to sleep while hunger still gnaws at their tummies. The homeless do it, he says. The poor children of the United States can join with them and compete with the vermin, the cats and the dogs, the insects and the germs, competing with these animals for their nutrition. After all, they aren’t his children. They’re the children of the poor, those who brought the curse of poverty on themselves. The children must suffer the sins of their fathers, he will assure you, and if eating garbage is what a child must endure for the father’s sins, then such is the nature of the world, or rather, the nature of his world.

Most Americans are appalled and disgusted by these sentiments; most Americans have compassion for the poor, perhaps because the roots of their spirit is set in the Judaic-Christian tradition that made feeding the poor an expression of love for God, an act of obedience to his command to love one another, to feed his children. Although a highly materialistic people, Americans have shown, through the nutrition program for poor school children, that they hold human life in greater esteem than wealth, which, according to this talk show radio host, is the greatest good.

As poverty increases, now is the time for America to dazzle the world again, not this time with their power and courage, but with their ingrained compassion for their neighbors. America has been able to feed its children without sending them off to the garbage piles to glean their meals. Most Americans support the federal nutrition program to feed poor children attending school, and most will not let these children slowly starve throughout the summer, even if it means passing up that second helping our talk show host has never thought to forgo, as the hardened fat that sheathes his body affirms.

We must give this talker his due, however. The rats of our towns and cities have nothing on us humans when it comes to sniffing out a meal in the midst of garbage dumps and rancid diseases. This talk show host, in raising the garbage dumpster to the level of a natural resource, makes all of us equal to the rats. No nutrition program for him … let him eat garbage. Bon appetit, Mr. Talk show host!

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How To Treat Vitamin E Deficiency

Vitamin E is a good thing to have in your body because it can dissolve fat and can act a little like an antioxidant. Antioxidants neutralize harmful molecules called free radicals in our bodies that accumulate from things like exposure to toxins and a bad diet. Free radicals are unstable molecules because they’re missing an electron, so they find poor unsuspecting molecules and steal one from them. In turn the robbed molecule becomes unstable and it tries to steal an electron too, and this creates a chain reaction. Antioxidants stop this chain reaction from happening by nicely lending an electron to the free radicals.

We get Vitamin E inside of ourselves by eating foods that have a lot of them. Things like eggs, milk, avocado, asparagus, nuts and seeds are examples of some foods that are rich in Vitamin E. These are fairly common foods, so it’s not so difficult to get Vitamin E in the U.S. However, if we don’t get the Vitamin E we need it leads to Vitamin E deficiency, which can have a lot of bad consequences. Unfortunately, Vitamin E deficiency is a common problem in developing countries where people don’t have easy access to Vitamin E.

Doctors test patients for Vitamin E deficiency by measuring the level of Vitamin E in their bodies compared to the level of fats. Vitamin E is supposed to absorb fat, so if there’s a low ratio of Vitamin E to lipids it suggests that the patient is Vitamin E deficient. Vitamin E deficiency leads to problems in the brain because the nerves can’t function as well without Vitamin E. The main symptoms in a patient with Vitamin E deficiency will include general impaired brain functioning and anemia. The anemia occurs because the lack of Vitamin E damages red blood cells. Patients can also develop problems with their muscles, though this tends to happen more in children than in adults because adults still tend to have bigger stores of Vitamin E in their tissue than children do.

Treatment for Vitamin E deficiency involves taking Vitamin E orally in high doses to replenish Vitamin E levels when patients have neurological deficits or they aren’t absorbing enough lipids. Vitamin E deficiency can be intuitively prevented by consuming enough Vitamin E.

It’s important to remember that too much Vitamin E can also be an issue. People who consume too much Vitamin E can experience nausea, diarrhea, fatigue and bleeding. While it’s bad to have a deficiency, it can also be harmful to have a surplus. It’s best to maintain a balance to be healthy.

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