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Water Around The World is Getting Polluted

What kind of water do you want to drink? Pure and healthy? Then start getting involved ith improving world wide health concerns

World wide health concerns are those which have a common base in humanity. Sometimes in the United States there will be a belief that such a health problem does not exist, simply because it no longer is common in this country. However, it is difficult to gain an understanding of the widespread health problems in other parts of the world, particularly those in developing countries without a personal experience.

Amazon ImageOne of the major world wide health concerns is simply hunger. People who go to sleep night after night with not enough food and inadequate nutrition of the food that they do intake are not going to be healthy people. Generations of undernourished peoples take a toll in disease, incidence of epidemic type illnesses, reduced ability to recover from what would be minor illnesses in healthier countries, and all the difficulties which stem from low birth rate babies.

At the same time, world wide health concerns of inadequate pure drinking water are not only found in developing countries, but in major parts of the United States. In the United States, we have the ability to purchase bottled water in the belief that it is somehow better than city water, but a check of water purity standards for bottled water in many areas simply says it must contain fewer impurities than the source water.

Not only the organisms which spread disease are present in water systems, but an increasing level of toxic chemicals like mercury can be found.

At the same time as water is less pure, the creatures that depend upon the water for life are forced to drink as well. Build-up of chemicals such as mercury in ocean fish is a just of a growing list of world wide health concerns. Meat products in the United States are plentiful, and readily available, but the safety of such meat is becoming more and more suspect. Added hormones for growth, feeding of diseased meat in animal feed, antibiotic injections in meat which are resulting in more and more resistant strains of bacteria are all world wide health concerns.

Just looking at food and water as an example of health problems is enough to keep medical and scientific professionals busy for years. Unfortunately, the task seems impossible. Even as one disease is wiped out-at least in the United States, another more virulent form takes it place. Some of these strains of disease are suspected to be deliberate, which may or may not be true, the natural strains are challenging enough.