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Frequency Foods Glacial Blue Tooth Oil

Have you ever tried using a cold-pressed and organic oil combination for your dental needs? Well, if your choice is Glacial Blue, you’ve found a natural toothpaste replacement with the benefits of almond, peppermint and spearmint oils to make your teeth and gums refreshing and stunningly clean.

After two weeks you’ll never want to go back to regular and often toxic fluoride toothpastes.

By simply following the rules of basic nutrition you can do more for your body than any pill or chemical product and you don’t have to worry about starving yourself either because fruits and vegetables (especially organic ones) have lots of organic water inside that allow for cleansing the cells of the body in a way that chlorinated water could never do.

Going to the Dentist is…

Did you know that going to the dentist is more than just a cleaning of your teeth? The hygienist should be/is also checking your gums, tongue, cheeks, even the back of your throat for any kinds of abnormalities. Cancer can happen in the mouth. Gums can pull away from the base of your teeth. And by the way, who else looks at the back, sides, and underneath your tongue for anything that looks medically suspicious? Have you ever considered that?

Going to the dentist is a good thing. It is good for you, for your mouth of course but also your overall health. If you have not seen a dentist, do not shy away. It is in your best interest, truly, to seek out a dentist and a plan with or without insurance that works for you. Check out to find out more about what this dentist has to offer for services. You will not be sorry you went to the dentist. You will more that likely be glad when it is over, but you will feel good that you took charge of your health for the better!

Dentist Porcelain Teeth

Sometimes it is a lack of dental care from your dentist, but most often it’s genetics. Teeth turn brown, fall out, and leave some wondering what just happened. Decades ago, the only option when this happened was to have all teeth pulled, or what was left of them, and then get dentures. These are better than they were before, but the alternative of porcelain teeth is much better, and is something that those who can afford them seek out instead of the dreaded dentures.

One neat thing about teeth made out of porcelain is that you can choose your own color. You don’t have to worry so much about your teeth changing colors due to smoking, what you drink, or even age. They should remain the same. Just careful when choosing the color of your porcelain teeth. Though many movie and TV stars have stark white teeth, they don’t look good on the average person. You don’t want bright white by any means, so go with something that looks a bit more natural. Ask your dentist to recommend something if you aren’t sure what to choose.

Some Natural Tooth and Gum Care Alternatives

There’s a long-ranging debate over regular versus natural toothpastes. However, as outlined in the other articles on the website, there are many reasons why natural toothpastes are definitely better than regular ones.

However, the debate comes to which natural non-fluoride toothpaste is the best, for there are a large number of possible non-fluoride toothpastes to choose from.

There are a few criterions upon which to decide whether or not fluoride toothpaste is worth it. For example, the toothpaste should not have artificial flavoring or colors. And it should also not be containing the chemicals present in conventional toothpastes like SLS and Triclosan.

The accompanying article on this website compares non-fluoride toothpastes in more detail.

Better Dental Health For New Patients

Looking for a new dentist? You are either looking for one because you are a new patient and have not been to a dentist recently, or it’s just been a really long time, or you are looking to transfer from your old dentist. Which is it?

Why the switch or why now to jump back into life to get dental work done?

Whichever boat you are in, you want to make an informed decision when you go to make a dentist appointment. Your initial thoughts may be hovering around if your insurance covers it or not. Hey, you might not even have dental insurance. That is an option as well, and that should not be a hindrance to keep you from seeing the dentist. Talk with the potential dentist practice and see if they offer in-house dental programs or a service for a fee. Why not ask? It may well be worth your while. If you are in the Milwaukee area, check out this new patients link at for more information. This might have you on your way to better overall dental health!

When It Matters

People judge one another every day, all of the time, about everything; everything including their energy source choices. I believe the basis of judgment that should be used when regarding issues around the topic of renewable versus traditional (fossil fuel) resources is a stance of what is best. What is best for us? For our children? For our planet? It makes little to no sense to me why most Americans for example still chose the unknowledgeable traditional ways. If something is broken, it is my understanding that that something should be fixed. Our choice for energy sources which affects global warming is a choice that needs to have a more educated background. The moral questions, I think, should be simple to answer since in our modern day and age we know better, so now we can do better for our future.

What other kinds of things are you judged on? Sadly it’s too much, all the time, about seemingly everything! When it comes to your life and your choices, do make them good ones… especially for your doctor, your dentist your vision care and other things like that.

Cleaning Teeth for Children and Babies

Are you taking care of your babies teeth?

Food is vital for health. And the only way we can take the food is by chewing them with the teeth and then swallowing it to our stomachs. Toddler’s diet is key to ensure that the teeth is not decayed and is strong enough. Fluoride is the main element, which strengthens the tooth enamel and prevents decay.

From young, the child has to been taught about teeth cleaning using a baby toothbrush at least twice a day. Using a baby toothbrush and with the establishment of regular teeth cleaning routine, the tooth decay can be kept off.

Baby toothbrushes come with an age recommendation for use on the packaging. Selection of the right baby toothbrush according to the age must be made as a rule. The first baby toothbrush should have long thin handle that will fit in the parents hands so as to help teach the baby brush the teeth and also helps in reaching the teeth inside the oral cavity. Small head with round and soft filaments should also be a criterion for most of the baby toothbrushes. This will be easy to use and will not hurt the gums of the baby.

Though baby toothbrushes are designed to help the baby learn the initial cleaning of teeth, it has to be also being in use to assist in cleaning from the parent’s perspective.

It is also advisable to buy baby toothbrushes with colored filaments indicating the amount of toothpaste required for cleaning baby’s mouth.

A baby toothbrush that can fit on the parent’s finger is best purchased as soon as the baby’s first tooth appears. Very soft bristles should be the item to look for in the baby toothbrush. Though most of the experts recommend that regular wiping of the tooth of a baby with a cloth couple of times a day is sufficient to maintain the hygiene. The initial care taken will help in the long run.

This information is brought to you by Safe Baby First. If you care about your baby and keeping it away from toxins and chemicals that may be harmful you will appreciate the concerns for safety at

Along with the baby toothbrush, a children’s toothpaste is a must for the cleaning routine. As the adult toothpastes contain high amounts of fluoride, and the babies might swallow it, children’s toothpaste is available with variety of colors and flavors.

Like adult toothbrushes, baby toothbrush too needs replacement every three months or as soon as the filaments start to splay. And once the baby turns a year and half older, it is better to give them a nice toothbrush as they would be interested in brushing the teeth themselves. Teaching them how to brush with a baby toothbrush twice everyday will help them know more about the teeth as well how to care for it.


The Dentist IS Your Friend

Oh the dentist. Don’t we all need to go see the dentist at some times in our lives. If you have teeth, you will need to see the dentist, if you have gums; if you have a mouth you should be seeing a dentist. They do so much more than check your teeth. They will check and examine your entire mouth for gum disease, cancer of your tongue, and other such oral hygiene related issues. Take it up with your dentist if you are having any oral pain or other problems. Believe it or not, the dentist if your friend. He or she is on your team and they are rooting for you. They want you to have great oral hygiene, so that your quality of life is improved and that you are able to live a longer and happier life. Did you know that those with good oral hygiene have been found to live at least two years longer than those who do not? Yes, it is true! Go to and see what dental care options are right for you.

Some Unfortunate Dental Care Mistakes People Make

Many health experts now believe that your mouth is where many problems start, so you don’t want to make mistakes when it comes to teeth care. If you never go to the dentist, you’re making a basic and well known mistake. Other mistakes are harder to notice. Being better informed on this topic can save you money and help you avoid painful situations.

By avoiding a few simple teeth care mistakes, you can enjoy better dental health.

While you’ve surely heard that you should brush your teeth at least twice per day, quite a few people only do so once. People also tend to rush through the process, not giving their teeth a thorough cleaning. This isn’t enough to keep your teeth clean and to rid your mouth of harmful bacteria and food particles. If you brush thoroughly two or three times every day, you’ll be taking an important step towards having healthier teeth. And thats without any teeth whitening products. The most important times to brush are when you first get up and before going to bed. The length of time also matters, so make sure you’re not just giving your teeth a quick, token brushing of a few seconds. Finally, you should remember to replace your toothbrush every couple of months. If you continue to use the same toothbrush for too long, you end up just spreading germs around your mouth. You can avoid quite a few tooth and gum issues by being more conscientious about how you brush your teeth. Certain commonly prescribed medications can cause mouth and dental issues -don’t make the mistake of disregarding any such side effects. Quite a few drugs cause a wide range of side effects, including dental issues. For example, many medications cause dry mouth. This is not only uncomfortable, it increases the chances of developing tooth decay and gum problems. You have saliva in your mouth for a good reason, and it acts as a natural disinfectant. If you’re only taking the medication for a few days or weeks, it shouldn’t be a problem but for longer periods of time you should discuss it with your doctor. A change in prescription might be necessary. So don’t ignore side effects that could have an impact on your dental health.

In addition to candy, there are sodas and all kinds of drinks that are just as bad. In addition to the sugar, they have all kinds of acid in them and that is not good for your teeth or bones. Get in the habit of reading the labels on juices and other drinks that are not soft drinks. Some people drink soft drinks all the time, and if that is you then change your drinking habits. The above recommendations can help you keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible. By taking better care of your teeth, you are investing in your health and well being. If you want to enjoy good health, your teeth are one of the best places to start. Healthy habits when it comes to your diet will usually be good for your teeth as well.

The author runs a leading Aberdeen orthodontic clinic. Please check out the website for a range of treatment options and dental care advice.

Dental Tip

It is advisable to buy baby toothbrushes with colored filaments indicating the amount of toothpaste required for cleaning baby’s mouth. From young, the child has to been taught about teeth cleaning using a baby toothbrush at least twice a day.