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Anti Aging Supplements Both Exotic and Simple

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way you could not act your age? Of course, we’re not talking about acting immature. We are instead looking at what we can do as we age, that we may do so in a way that we may continue to have the strength and the looks that we take for granted at a younger age. Scientists have been hard at work lately,trying to decipher a few of nature’s secrets so that they may put them into anti aging supplements that anyone can take.

For instance, in Canada right now, scientists are working on anti-aging supplements that seem to do very well with mice. Aging mice that have received certain experimental supplements, have appeared about twice as an active as mice that haven’t. And there is nothing special in those supplements either. It’s just a concoction of certain vitamins and other such things. Of course, they have only tried it on mice. Transfering treatment methods from mouse to man doesn’t really happen as smoothly as you would expect.

The reason that there is this much scientific interest in anti-aging supplements of course, is that even now, when we don’t really have a slam dunk product, the market for these things is already worth about $200 billion a year. On the off chance that you can’t wait another 50 years for them to come up with a real done deal though, let’s look at the best product on the market now.

There’s this coenzyme that our bodies produce that help our cells function, that they call CoQ10. Our bodies are not able to produce this enzyme well as we age. Researchers now believe that if you could put give your body more CoQ10, that it would help your body regain lost function. It could help the body fight heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol and all kinds of aging diseases. Of course, this supplement is not completely proven to do anything just yet. But you could try it because it doesn’t really hurt you. There are nearly no side effects. They sell this in a variety of forms to – from tablets to face creams.

Not every supplement out there is as exotic as this one though. Aspirin, believe it or not, is said to be a great anti-aging supplement. A low dosage aspirin habit could have antiaging effects for the simple reason that it can help your blood flow faster and better. When your body gets more oxygen this way, that’s a youthfulness-promoting thing.

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Finding The Bad And The Good From Cholesterol Levels

For years, as the obesity crisis in America deepend and worsened, we as a society heard about the importants of maintaining a watch on our cholesterol. “Low cholesterol,” the theory held, “would lead to lower chance of heart disease, cardiac arrest, stroke, diabetes and a host of other inflammatory conditions.”

But monitoring your overall cholesterol is only part of the plan to a healthier and happier, not to mention thinner, life. It’s equally important to understand that cholesterol isn’t just a monolithic measurement of your health, but can be broken down into distinct parts itself.

One part is Low-density cholesterol (LDL), or “bad” cholesterol. Generally speaking, the lower this number is, the better for you. The other part is High-density cholesterol (HDL), or “good” cholesterol. You want to get this number as high as you can.

So what, then, is there to know about your ldl and hdl cholesterol levels? Well, generally speaking your ldl cholesterol levels should be 130 or below. If, however, you’re at higher risk for an inflammatory disease such as heart disease or diabetes – both of which have grown exponentially in the United States over the past four decades – your target should be 100 or below.

There are ways to achieve this, starting obviously with diet. Cut out fatty foods, processed foods, and overeating. Instead, you should aim to keep your proteins lean – fish and chicken are the standbys here – and your vegetables fresh. It’s also important to remember that we evolved over four million years, and only in the last 50 have we been able to live a lifestyle that included more than one serving of meat a day. So yes, a salad or rice and beans for lunch several times a week is a wise choice.

With hdl cholesterol levels, it’s not nearly as easy to improve. The only thing shown to consistently raise hdl cholesterol levels is steady aerobic activity. That’s right – regular exercise. Getting your hdl cholesterol levels up above 50 (above 60 if you’re in an at-risk group) means getting on an exercise bike, going for a jog, doing tae bow or the like for about 20 minutes a day four times a week. This is why there are no extensive books about hdl cholesterol levels diets and the like – there are no diets that have been shown conclusively to effect hdl cholesterol levels. Exercise is the key here.

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Learn About Cholesterol And How To Reduce Your Risk

Everyone seems to understand a few things about cholesterol. Certainly, just by reading the newspaper, watching TV or browsing the Internet, you’ve learned that cholesterol is bad for you. But how much do you really know about cholesterol? Perhaps you’ve heard of good and bad cholesterol, but do you really know what that means? And while you might know that cholesterol is bad for you, do you happen to know why? And how to reduce the amount of cholesterol in your diet? Here is a primer about cholesterol that will help improve your knowledge, and hopefully your health, immediately.

Cholesterol is bad because it hardens and clogs your arteries, the main pathways that your heart uses to distribute blood throughout your body. An abundance of cholesterol in your diet will stay in your blood, blocking the arteries and making it difficult to pump blood through. This is actually how strokes happen; the cholesterol build-up blocks the oxygen that blood carries to your brain. Similarly, this is how heart attacks happen.

But what is cholesterol exactly? It is a waxy, fat-based substance that is found in a variety of high-fat foods. Some examples of food that is high in cholesterol include butter (the highest per serving), other diary products, such as ice cream and whole milk, and red meats. What most people aren’t aware about cholesterol is that your main source of cholesterol is… you. Your liver produces most of the cholesterol in your body, which is needed to create cell membranes. However, your liver more or less produces the “perfect” amount, and so a diet that is out of control with cholesterol will quickly cause problems in your blood.

So what is good and bad cholesterol all about? Good cholesterol will actually remove the levels of bad cholesterol in your blood. Some example of food rich in this good/HDL cholesterol include oils, such as olive oils and a variety of nuts. Also, your body produces more HDL cholesterol when you exercise, so this is crucial in lowering the amount of cholesterol in your body.

To summarize about cholesterol, bad/LDL cholesterol will clog your arteries and lead to a myriad of health problems, many of them fatal. While your body produces cholesterol, health problems result in eating foods with high LDL cholesterol, such as fried foods, processed foods, and red meat and diary products. You can ingest more HDL cholesterol to help lower cholesterol levels by eating more oils and nuts and, most importantly, regular exercise.

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