CardioChek HDL Cholesterol Test Strips, 3-Count Containers (Pack of 2)

The CardioChek HDL Test Strip provides a quantitative measurement of high density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol in whole blood. HDL Cholesterol, often referred to as good cholesterol, is an important component of a lipid profile. A low HLD indicates increase risk in coronary heart disease, while high LDL level indicates lower risk. A memo chip is provided with each package of test strips and must be properly inserted into the CardioChek meter before performing a test. After the test strip is inserted into the meter and blood sample is applied to the test strip, test results are displayed in about 1 minute.

Product Features

  • Measures total cholesterol
  • An important indicator of your cardiovascular health status
  • The American Heart Association recommends knowing your HDL
  • Contains 3 disposable test strips

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