CardioChek Analyzer Starter Cholesterol kit with 3 count cholesterol test strips by PTS Panels

CardioChek Starter ST Kit measures total cholesterol, HDL, and triglycerides. Kit includes analyzer, box of 3 total, box of 3 HDL, box of 3 trig strips, 9 lancets, 9 capillaries.

Product Features

  • Includes Cardiochek Home Basic Analyzer
  • Includes 3 count Total Cholesterol test strips
  • 3 count hdl test strips
  • 3 count triglyceride test strips
  • 9 capillaries and 9 lancets

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  1. Anonymous

    CardioChek Cholesterol Analyzer Kit vs. PRIMA Cholesterol and Triglycerides 2 in 1 Home Test Note: I purchased this kit from Ebay at a cheaper price, which explains why I do not have the “Purchase Verified by Amazon” tag on my review.Both the PRIMA kit and CardioChek kit do the same things: measure your triglycerides and total cholesterol. However, only the Cardiochek also measures your HDL cholesterol (subsequently, to get your LDL cholesterol, just plug it into this formula, the Friedewald equation: LDL = Total cholesterol – HDL – (Triglycerides * 0.2))…

  2. Anonymous

    Good analyzer kit Original: Not too complex to use once you get through the first round. The overall cholesterol numbers are fairly accurate, the HDL and Triglycerides are within 10 to 20%. Overall, very good home kit. Considering hardly anything available on the market, I consider this the best analyzer to invest in for the price.Update: I am updating my review. I bought several boxed of test strips a year ago and did not need to use them. I have 5 new boxes that I cannot use because the memory chip…

  3. Anonymous

    I just got my cholesterol back from the lab and … I just got my cholesterol back from the lab and plan to try to lower it myself before going on medication. I bought this kit to test my progress. Even after reading the other reviews, I was surprised at how much blood was needed. Maybe four times as much as needed for a blood glucose test. I ran all three tests and the results were relatively close to the lab values I got a few weeks ago. for example. Total Cholesterol at the lab was 330, total cholesterol from Cardio Chek was 305,…

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