The Body For Life Diet: Does It Work?

The Body for Life diet is a very intense weight loss program that asks you to follow tough exercise and diet schedules. But it isn’t tough for no reason. The philosophy they follow is that the quicker you see results, the more likely you will be to stick with the program.

If you think about it, this makes a lot of sense. If you make a few quick gains in the beginning of any kind of activity, it is going to make you feel good about it. And you’re going to see meaning in it and follow it.

The basic Body for Life diet lasts three months. It’s a challenging program even if it isn’t overwhelming. The exercise schedule for instance, is a very light routine. You do 45 min. of weight training a day three days a week, and you do aerobic exercises for 20 min. a day the other days of the week.

You get a list of healthy foods to eat, and you eat them over six small meals every day. And oh – it’s not every day. With the exercises andthe diet, both, you only have to follow it six days of the week. On the seventh day, you can pretty much gorge on ice cream in bed all day if you want. It’s okay because on all the other days, you’ve lived a responsible lifestyle, and your meals have been perfectly built-up for lots of energy and very little fast.

The great thing about this program is that it draws on basic life rule that you could apply anywhere. When you opend the Body for Lifediet book, you see all these before and after pictures of people who look fantastic after they’ve been through the program. And they go through the program with nothing more than a “slow and steady wins the race” attitude. They just do a reasonable workout every day, they did eat a reasonable meal several times a day, and that’s all it takes.

The experts, who usually don’t have very nice things to say about popular diets, are reasonably enthusiastic about the Body for Life diet program. With this program, you can clearly see their enthusiasm. They approve of how the exercise regimen recommended is less strenuous than what the American College of sports Medicine recommends. This should keep beginners hooked to the program, they feel. On the other hand, the 46 min. weight training workout that you get on alternating days, can be a little too intense for beginners.

But the fact that the program cleverly alternates it with days of light aerobic training, ensures that people stay hooked to it.

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