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Kyolic Formula 109 Blood Pressure Health 160 Capsules

Blood Pressure Formula 109 by Kyolic 160 Capsule Blood Pressure Formula 109 160 Capsule Formula 109 contains a unique and natural combination of Nattokinase and Suntheanine with Aged Garlic Extract to help relax and support healthy blood pressure through different pathways. Suggested Use As a dietary supplement Take two capsules with a meal twice daily. – Or as directed by your healthcare professional. Supplement Facts Serving Size 2 Capsule Amount Per Serving Daily Value Aged Garlic Extract Powder (bulb) 400 mg Nattokinase 70 mg Suntheanine (L-Theanine) 24 mg Percent Daily Values are based on a 2 000 calorie diet Other Ingredients Gelatin Cellulose Silica and Magnesium Stearate (vegetable source). Warnings Keep out of reach of children. As with all dietary supplements consult your healthcare professional before use. See product label for more information.

Product Features

  • Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract begins with 100% organically grown garlic bulbs
  • Kyolic

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  1. Research Advisor

    It works for me! I had borderline BP readings and was recommended by a health advisor to try Kyolic Formula 109. After taking the supplement regularly for about 4 months or so, I found that there had been an improvement in my BP readings, particularly my diastolic level which dropped by about 10 points. My pulse rate has also improved and the most amazing thing is that there are no side effects. Together with a careful diet and an exercise program to your comfort level, this supplement can help maintain your blood pressure at a desirable level. Try it and experience the goodness of its health benefits.

  2. TPC

    Wonderful product! If you have high BP, you need to look into Kyolic 109 to heal yourself. My blood pressure has dropped significantly since I started taking Kyolic109 in February 2012. I’m down to just one-quarter the amount of medication Iwas taking at the time. I’m going to take this for a few more months and then with my doctor’s approval drop the meds I have been on for eleven years. She suggested I could stop the meds now (Dec 2012) but I want my body to really be ready for the change. I’m also going to check with my naturopath when I see him in February for his final say.

  3. Robert J. Myers "Fmrhoosier"

    Best I have used Other reviews said this supplement would lower my blood pressure. Not only did it lower it, but I had NONE of the side effects I experienced with other supplements. I am so glad I found this.

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