Beyond Soap: The Real Truth About What You Are Doing to Your Skin and How to Fix It for a Beautiful, Healthy Glow

In this surprising and remarkably practical book, Dr. Skotnicki reveals the harmful effects of modern skincare habits and provides a step-by-step guide to preserve the microbiome, fight aging and develop beautiful, problem-free skin.

Women, men and children are having more skin problems today than ever before. Sensitive skin prevalence has skyrocketed, and the number of people reacting to cosmetics is climbing. Why? Dermatologist Sandy Skotnicki argues that the cause is a key element of our contemporary lifestyle: the grooming and beauty habits that the advertising and personal-care product industries have encouraged us to pursue. Those miraculous cleansers, creams and balms we’re buying to protect our outer layer may actually end up harming the body’s largest organ.
     In Beyond Soap, Dr. Skotnicki argues that the best state for normal skin is the natural state—the one that avoids disturbing the skin’s protective barrier and the bacteria that accompanied the body throughout its evolution. A combination of diagnosis and prescription, Dr. Skotnicki explains the problem with society’s current cleansing and beauty habits, then provides a practical guide on how to fix things with a 3-step product-elimination diet that will help you remove unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients from your beauty and skincare regime, returning the skin to the condition nature intended. Beyond Soap also includes indispensable advice on how to wash and care for the skin of adults, babies and children, followed by a common-sense beauty regimen intended to stave off aging, reduce skin problems and return the face and body to its natural glow.

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  1. Anonymous

    A must have for those battling with skin sensitivities I haven’t even finished reading it, but it is SO informative. I am especially passionate about it, because it talks about product labeling laws & how misleading they are. I have a daughter with food allergies so this is already lax in the food world, but even MORE so in the beauty product world! People look at me like I am crazy when I say soaps, fragrances, etc, can have my daughters allergen…but its true. So much of the population just uses what is on the market without thinking what…

  2. Anonymous

    Everyone should read it! Skin care, just like fitness, is a stellar example of just how insane we have become thanks to marketing and the unholy need to overcomplicate because we can’t look the truth and ourselves in the eye. Dr. Skotnicki is a shining light in a moderately corrupt field (not as bad as the fitness industry anyway). Best realization for me was the simple truth that, before we created this skin care chemical romance, our ancestors (1-2 gen’s ago, not cavemen) had little to no skin issues doing absolutely…

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