Bariatric Mindset Success: 6-Month Accountability Workbook: (black and white version)

Keep your weight off after weight loss surgery. Bariatric surgery is a tool. Research has indicated that self-monitoring is one of the determining factors that helps prevent regain and help people keep their weight off long-term. 

When studies show that 40% of weight loss surgery patients regain weight within five years of surgery, there has to be something that is missing. Accountability and support, in addition to mindset shifts are key. However, many of the programs that exist aren’t for bariatric patients, or require a lot of excess time.
This post-bariatric surgery accountability workbook was created specifically with busy individuals in mind to keep things simple, while also helping people to stay focused on their post WLS weight loss goals. Planning and preparation is one of the key ingredients to being successful after weight loss surgery and this accountability journal is your one stop shop for reaching and maintaining your weight loss surgery success!
Packed with daily, weekly, and monthly exercises this accountability journal aims to put everything you need in one place so you can plan and track effortlessly, so implementation is easy and habit changes occur naturally. This workbook is also designed to guide you to your personal growth beyond the weight as well. While the weight loss may be one of your biggest goals, the ultimate goal is to live your best life after bariatric surgery. 
Whether you’ve had lap band, gastric bypass, or the gastric sleeve procedure, this workbook will help you stay on track with your post-surgical plan. 
The Bariatric Mindset Success 6-month Accountability Workbook includes:
* Monthly Food and Fitness Goal Worksheets 
* Monthly/weekly intentions for success worksheets
* Build new healthy habits worksheet 
* Break old bad habits worksheet 
* Weekly meal planning and grocery shopping worksheets 
* Worksheets to track your daily food, exercise, supplements and water intake 
* Worksheets to help you practice self-awareness 
* Tracking sheets to celebrate your successes 
The Bariatric Mindset Success 6-Month Accountability Workbook is your complete guide to mindset shifts and lifestyle changes after bariatric surgery.

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