Aromatherapy: Essential Oils for Vibrant Health and Beauty

Aromatherapy, the centuries-old practice of using botanical scents and oils for physical and psychic benefit, reached its peak of popularity in the early 2000s. Roberta Wilson’s essential resource for aromatherapy offers hundreds of healing recipes for compresses, baths, inhalants, air fresheners, and skin-care products specifically designed to assuage common disorders and complaints. Organized in a handy A-to-Z format, Aromatherapy is the most trusted sourcebook for this gentle healing art. First published in 1995, Wilson’s guide is here revised and expanded to cover a wider selection of essential oils, more health conditions, and more ways of incorporating aromatherapy into your life.

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  1. E. Scott

    Very informative and useful book, pages and cover are very thin. This book is an update of an earlier version. It is a wonderful resource. I have a few oil books now and find I refer to this often especially for some of the recipes. The new version does have several helpful new additions.Compared to the older version the paper on which this is printed is quite thin and flimsy. Although this may be unimportant to some, I find it annoying when a book is used quite a bit for quick referencing or may need to be propped open while making something. Just…

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