Anti-Aging Skincare

“I love this book! More like this please!” The Fashion Spot

#1 Best-Selling Author Confused about anti-aging? You’re not alone.
Investigative journalist, Rachel Knight, reveals how many anti-aging products have no evidence behind them. She investigates the products with real evidence, and shows which ones are worth spending your money on.

From skincare creams, anti-aging devices, supplements and lifestyle tips, she leaves no stone unturned in finding out what really works.

What’s more, using her Master’s degree in clinical research and her years working in healthcare advertising, Rachel equips her readers with industry knowledge, so that they will forever understand the tricks of the trade.

Here’s a Preview of What You’ll Learn…

  • Discover the products that are proven to work at a biological, anti-aging level
  • Learn why some women look young for their age, and how you can too
  • Understand how marketers mislead you, and how to know when there is real evidence
  • Prevent accelerated aging
  • Discover new devices, tools and supplements that have been proven to reduce the signs of aging

Here’s What Other People are Saying…

  • “Great read, really informative, wish I had read it years ago!” Fiona Flynn
  • “It was really refreshing to read about beauty from a scientific perspective. We so often don’t question claims made by the beauty industry.” Camille Deeny
  • “It’s good to read useful, straight forward advice about a subject that affects us all, and by someone who is well qualified to give it! Well worth reading.” Susan Beck

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  1. Anonymous

    Brief and contains almost nothing but the most basic skincare advice I have had several skin issues through my lifetime, and am now dealing with aging skin. This author is British, and the few specific products she recommends are not even available in the U. S. I only recognized one product that was mentioned. This was a very short book, containing very little interesting or useful information of any kind. One could derive more knowledge from the average article in any women’s magazine. Since I’ve done quite a bit of personal research on skincare, I can honestly…

  2. Anonymous

    A quick read packed with helpful skincare tips. The author offered me a chance to read her book and write my honest review, which follows.Ms. Knight starts out by letting the reader know that she worked in the healthcare advertising industry, with a Masters degree in clinical research.There are seven sections in her book, as follows::Section 1: How to Understand Evidence, goes into detail how the reader can distinguish between marketing fluff vs proof. I found this information particularly helpful in…

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