The 22 Non-Negotiable Laws of Wellness: Take Your Health into Your Own Hands to Feel, Think, and Live Better Than You Ev

Emotional health

Everything we think, say, feel, and do has a direct impact on our physical and emotional health. And yet, we overlook this fundamental truth every day.

A solution exists. The 22 Non-Negotiable Laws of Wellness advocates a holistic no-nonsense approach to health and well-being that is keenly sensitive to all facets of body, mind, and spirit. These twenty-two keys provide the definitive toolkit for achieving your own high-level wellness.

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Emotional health

The Creation of Health: The Emotional, Psychological, and Spiritual Responses That Promote Health and Healing

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  1. S.Venkatesan

    Laws to live by The author has personally recovered from cancer ( near death – just30 days to live), by living the laws, he suggests others to live by. The key passage is in chapter 19 where he discusses how he discovered the law of forgiveness and applied it in his case. Similarly the law of unity is an important observation. We are body,mind and spirit. The book is easy to read. He uses no jargons. He also emphasises how these laws are connected to each other.

  2. Diane Moore

    I read this book four years ago or so…. I don’t even remember the details of why i liked this book so much, but I can tell you the way it made me feel. Maybe this was the first book that inspired me, or made me pick Psychology as my major. Maybe it was the fact it showed me that cancer survivors can live normal lives or it taught me about mind over matter.. it was such a long time ago but I know that I remembered this book—its like you see a good movie or read a book that makes you feel like you can acomplish anything! that’s what this book did for me.

  3. Anonymous

    Excellent overall philosophy of how to lead a good life. Material in this excellent book breaks life into important aspects and gives insight on how to maximize your enjoyment in each. Shows how living a balanced life can lead to wellness and happiness. Gives some good practical advice.

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