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Hair Loss Articles, Tips and Information

Natural Hair Loss Remedy And The Benefits To Be Gained

Natural hair loss remedy has always been trusted by people because it sounds so pure, so it must be good, correct? However, while some treatments work well there is no telling which one will be the most suitable for you, as everyone possesses different body chemistries.

Also known to be a great natural hair growth remedy are natural oils, such as jojoba and palm oil, when used as a pre-shower treatment.

Natural Hair Loss Remedy at Home

You can probably use items you already have on hand to try some of the more common remedies at home. First, there’s massage. Rub your scalp for just a couple of minutes a day. You can try using coconut or palm oil but, if you don’t want to get your hair greasy, you can just massage the scalp with your bare fingertips (not nails). This exercise wiull stimulate the blood flow to your hair follicles and this, in turn, will stimulate hair growth. You can also buy electric massagers from department stores.


Items from your kitchen can also be used to concoct a hair rinse. Boil a mixture of rosemary and sage along with peach leaf, nettle and burdock for longer than a couple of minutes. Strain the herbs from the water and allow it to cool down, after which you can use it to wash your hair. Rosemary and sage have been known to be very effective as a natural hair growth remedy.


Finally, try henna, a traditional Indian herb used widely by women in India regardless of whether they have hair loss problems or not. It is known to be effective as a natural hair growth remedy and conditioner. However, keep in mind that henna will color your hair slightly red to brick red. Above are listed just a few remedies. However, if you are interested in using any of them, you should do some research online or at your local natural herb store to determine which of the remedies would be suitable for you.


Keep in mind that what may be very effective for some may not work at all well on others. Any natural hair growth remedy may not always stimulate your hair growth, but at least it will not harm it further. Be sure to also read all reviews about such treatments before using them.


You can discover more information concerning male hair loss at our hair loss website.


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As always, before you attempt to self medicate or try a new health regimen or program we suggest you retain the services of a qualified health care professional.


Male Hair Loss Treatments


Male hair loss or androgenic alopecia is the most common type of hair loss. It is hereditary, meaning it is passed on from one generation to the next. It is generally caused by the increased sensitivity of the scalp to male sex hormones or androgen. Scientifically called as alopecia, male pattern baldness occurs in about 66% of the male population at varying points in their lives. Although baldness in males was viewed as something undesirable in the past, it is now also considered fashionable and attractive especially with a clean-shaven head.


Although, all hair is not totally lost, the remaining hair is finer and not as thick or quick-growing.


Hair loss in men typically starts at age 20 upwards. It usually follows a balding pattern: usually it begins with a receding hairline which gradually affects the entire top of the head. In time, a U-shaped bald area develops in the sides and back of the head. Male hair loss is a hereditary condition. Although it is recommended to simply accept the situation and leave the hair as it is, there are also some treatments that can combat hair loss.


Treatment through medication involves drugs such as Minoxidil, which is massaged daily into the scalp and Finasteride, taken in tablets, blocks to a degree the effects of the baldness-causing hormones. However, hair transplant remains the most reliable hair loss and replacement treatment.


Still, keeping hair clean and healthy is a great way to prevent premature baldness. Frequent washing with a mild shampoo is recommended for at least 3x a week, followed by a conditioner to moisturize the hair. Maintaining a balanced and healthy diet will result to healthier and stronger hair. Men should also protect their hair from the harsh effects of UV rays and other elements. In any case, it is best to consult with a hair specialist who can help you prevent or treat hair loss professionally.


Hair Loss Treatment provides detailed information on Hair Loss Treatment, Male Hair Loss Treatments, Natural Hair Loss Treatments, Female Hair Loss Treatments and more. Hair Loss Treatment is affiliated with Hair Loss Products


Female Hair Loss Treatments


Hair loss is a condition that affects both sexes. Although to a lesser degree compared to males, females also experience hair loss. In fact, it has been found that hair loss in females is more widespread than was previously believed with over 25 million Americans suffering the symptoms and effects of hair loss and the stress it causes. The emotional and psychological effects of hair loss are also far greater in women than in men since hair is considered an essential part of an attractive and positive image.

One of the causes of female hair loss is not really hereditary genes but the temporary problems in metabolism that commonly accompanies conditions such as pregnancy, stress, medications, anorexia, surgery, infection and other serious medical problems.

Taking certain drugs will also negatively affect hair with effects ranging from dryness and brittleness to falling hair. Meanwhile, female pattern baldness results in considerable thinning of the hair, though not in a degree more commonly seen in males. Another cause of hair loss in women is the declining level of estrogen.


Like in men, effectively treating hair loss in women starts with determining the cause. Usually, if the hair loss is caused by a temporary medical problem such as those cited earlier, the symptoms will simply stop as soon as the cause ends. Other treatment of hair loss in women includes medications such as Finasteride, which is in tablet form and works by blocking the circulation of androgen.


Minoxidil is also one of the most common prescription hair loss medications available. There are also a variety of new medications that are introduced to the market. Hair transplantation, a surgical operation still remains as the most effective way to treat serious hair loss and with natural-looking results. Researchers and doctors are also continuously searching for new drugs or techniques to help prevent and treat hair loss in women.


Hair Loss Treatment provides detailed information on Hair Loss Treatment, Male Hair Loss Treatments, Natural Hair Loss Treatments, Female Hair Loss Treatments and more. Hair Loss Treatment is affiliated with Hair Loss Products


Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is a problem that is shared by millions of people of both sexes all around the world. If you have been noticing more hair in your brush, shower drain or on your pillow than usual, you probably have the signs and symptoms of alopecia or gradual hair loss, leading to partial or total baldness. Yes, hair is not really mandatory for survival. However, losing one’s hair can be a major blow to one’s self-confidence. This is true especially in today’s environment where we are bombarded with the ideal that a full head of hair is an important part of beauty or attractiveness.


Hair loss can be caused by a wide range of factors. Stress and overexposure to sunlight will cause hair to become dry and brittle which eventually leads to falling hair. Frequent and repeated hair treatments such as perming, curling or blow drying have adverse effects on hair leading to hair loss. Illnesses, hormonal imbalances, and medications are also common causes of hair loss. To treat hair loss, its cause must first be determined.


Hair loss caused by stress, medication or illnesses is only a temporary situation and will simply stop once the cause ends. For hair loss that is due to infection, antibiotics and antifungal treatments are readily available. Steroids and other drugs are effective treatment for alopecia areata. However, for androgenic alopecia, there is no cure available. There are prescription drugs that treat hair loss such as the for-men-only Finasteride. Minoxidil, on the other hand, works for both men and women and is applied by rubbing directly onto the scalp. These drugs are available over the counter at most drugstores.


Today, hair transplant is one of the best and most effective treatments for baldness and hair loss. The procedure has considerably improved in recent years and many people suffering from hair loss choose this treatment. This treatment involves transplanting healthy hair into areas of hair loss in the scalp resulting to a more natural appearance. Early prevention is still the best cure for hair loss especially if your family has a history of balding genes.


Hair Loss Treatment provides detailed information on Hair Loss Treatment, Male Hair Loss Treatments, Natural Hair Loss Treatments, Female Hair Loss Treatments and more. Hair Loss Treatment is affiliated with Hair Loss Products


Hair Loss


12 basic factors causing loss of hair:

Healthy hair builds and maintains self confidence, develops personality irrespective of gender, caste, creed, color or religion. Obviously people are longing to have an eye catching style of hair and leave no effort to turn their hair attractive. Ironically, still some of us cannot retain this beauty symbol throughout the passage of life.


Basic reasons for hair loss may be classified as below:

1. Though the portion of hair above the skin is constituted of dead cells but the live cells beneath the skin grows regularly by getting the required nutrients like Protein and essential Amino Acids from the blood. As such, non- reaching or less reaching of this ingredients or deficiency of these nutrients in our food, in other words, taking of imbalanced food may lead to hair loss.


2. Since the required nutrients are reached to the root of the hair through blood, therefore inadequate circulation of blood in the scalp hinders the reaching of the required nutrients to the hair root and thereby causes loss of hair.


3. In case of male, Androgenic Alopepsia contributes for baldness; this is a type of interference of sex hormone whose flow is being determined by the receptors situated at the bottom of the hair.


4. Fast food and junk food if consumed in abundance, in place of balanced one, could not ensure supply of adequate nutrient to the body and hence may contribute towards rapid loss of hair.


5. Another reason is the application of excessive heat treatment or use of strong chemicals ruthlessly with an intention to bring the desired shape and style of hair by simply ignoring its health.


6. Pollutant materials like harmful chemicals, flavoring, coloring and preserving agents, present in the food is one more reason.


7. Sedentary work style and insufficient physical movement, restricts the blood circulation in the body thereby hinders enough flow of proteins to the hair and this deficiency in turn translates into loss of hair.


8. Pollution of environment, chemical effects of inorganic fertilizers and insecticides in the food and consumption of contaminated drinking water is indirectly responsible for the problem.


9. Because of too much awareness with regard to beauty, hair and fashion sometimes people treat the hair in an unwanted and unhealthy manner which may also be blamed for hair loss.


10. Today’s busy life style under stiff competition coupled with psychological tension and anxiety in every sphere of life changes the metabolism of the body and leaves its impression in the form of baldness.


11. Generally there may not be any linkage between the hair loss and the disorder of stomach, indigestion or chronic acidity but malfunction of liver may have some effect on it.


12. During pregnancy, secretion of hormones may be above average, which generally drops after delivery and there may be tendency of hair loss in some cases.


15 Important Tips to Prevent Hair Loss


1. Good health and good habit goes a long way to have a lustrous and attractive hair.


2. Cleanliness is next to hairlines. Scalp should be kept clean to avoid infection of fungus and bacteria so as to prevent hair loss.


3. Consumption of balanced diet and thereby ensuring uninterrupted supply of required nutrients to the hair guards against baldness.


4. People who does not have any scope for physical labor because of their very nature of sedentary work culture should always resort to some sort of physical exercise daily, so that proper movement of organs ensure enough blood circulation and thereby guards against hair loss.


5. As far as possible everyone should try to stick to consumption of natural/Home made foods in substitution of chemically blended or processed food because not only the chemical preservative present in the processed food reaches harm to the body and hair but also the processed food are very much prone to easy contamination.


6. Regular intake of fried, rich and spicy food in plenty is also responsible for such problem; easily digestible nutritious food should be preferred.


6. If possible, everybody should concentrate on freehand exercise at least for a few minutes a day which not only will contribute for good hair but also for good health.


7. Use of chemical substances in the form of shampoo, oil or any coloring material in whatsoever form it may be, in order to look the hair shining should be strictly avoided. Use of herbal products in place of chemical ones may be practiced.


8. Excessive attention to make the hair more attractive by use of strong clips, combs or brushes aggravates the problem and may be avoided.


9. Attitude towards bleaching and dying of hair should be NO! NO!


10. Every protection should be taken to get rid of dandruff otherwise hair loss may be inevitable. Medicated shampoo preferably herbal ones may be used to keep the scalp clean along with intake of plenty of water and balanced diet help to keep the dandruff away.


11. Adequate hour of sound sleep is necessary to maintain the good lustrous hair.


12. Message particularly steroid drop message may be tried on case to case basis for regain of lost hair.


13. Consumption of Vitamin E capsules under medical supervision sometimes gives relief and restricts havoc loss of hair.


14. Consumption of medicines to prevent hair loss without proper medical supervision may lead to deteriorate the situation, hence should not be resorted.


15. Anti oxidants which may be obtained from fresh vegetables or fruits or from medicines may be taken, of course, after consultation and under supervision of a medical professional.

The Drug Propecia and Hair Loss

The drug propecia is a prescription hair loss medication designed mainly for men with mild to moderate hair loss. The effects of hair loss and propecia were studied in several clinical trials, and propecia was found to be better than a placebo. The men in the studies, aged between 18 and 41, took propecia daily for a year. Some men took a placebo. Of the men who took the propecia, 86% either did not suffer further hair loss, or actually increased the amount of hair in the affected areas. Only 14% of men had continued hair loss.


To use, massage the oil gently into the scalp before a shower, leave it in for about 10 – 15 minutes, and then wash it out. Next you could try aromatherapy. Mix six drops of lavender and bay essential oil in a base of four ounces of either almond, soy bean or sesame oil. Massage the mixture into your scalp and leave it for at least 20 minutes. The scents and herbs have been known to stimulate hair growth.


The drug propecia has been found to be ineffective for women. This, combined with the potential danger of abnormalities to a male fetus, means that propecia is not prescribed for female pattern hair loss. Propecia has not been studied in older men, or men with complete baldness, and it has not been proved to work with a receding hairline. Propecia is not suitable for children, no doubt due to its negative effect on developing male genitals.


Generally, propecia is a very safe drug for hair loss. Most men taking it did not have any side effects, though some reported:

* erection difficulties

* reduced amount of semen

* less sexual desire


These were not permanent changes, and when those affected stopped taking propecia, their symptoms disappeared. Some men who reported these side effects were also able to continue taking propecia without the side effects continuing. The report I saw did not say whether the side effects just stopped, or if other treatment was undertaken to counteract them.


The drug propecia has only been studied on men for up to two years, and these men had no problems taking it for this period. However, based on research over a period of 32 years on men who are deficient on the enzyme that propecia suppresses, 5-alpha reductase, the mechanism by which propecia works seems to be quite safe for long term use.


Disadvantages of Taking Propecia

Propecia is not a cure for hair loss. Propecia works by interrupting the conversion process of testosterone to its metabolite, dihydrotestosterone (DHT for short). It does this by effecting the enzyme catalyst, 5-alpha reductase, that is involved in the conversion process. In male pattern hair loss, there is an excess of DHT in the part of the scalp where hair loss occurs. So, by reducing the amounts of DHT in the scalp, propecia effectively works to prevent new hair loss, and allows hair to regrow. However, to continue the benefits of propecia, you'll need to take it for the rest of your life. Once you stop taking propecia, the DHT levels will rise again in the scalp, and hair loss will return to pre-propecia levels.


The Drug Propecia and Pregnancy

Women should be very careful not to handle propecia if they are pregnant, as it can affect the development of the sex organs in a male fetus. So, it would be wise not to touch any open packets, or broken tablets. If you must, use a glove. Unbroken tablets are safety coated, so the active ingredient of propecia, which is the potential problem, is not present on the outside of the tablet. For men taking propecia, if your wife is pregnant, there is no risk to her unless she is exposed to the active ingredient from a broken tablet. She, or the baby, won't be harmed when her partner is taking it.


However, given that in some men propecia affects the amount of semen produced, if you are trying to conceive this may pose a problem. This side effect does not affect all, or most, men. But check with your doctor if you think this may be a concern.





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